Fun VantageComplete Fraud

I've just realized that I have fallen victim to Fun Vantage which I don't think is a real business. I had just looked up the latest transactions of my debit card online and found out that $19.95 had been taken out of my debit card on 1/29/2015!! Two weeks ago I had received a card in the mail that says I have an unclaimed reward on my account and that they are holding $100 in savings for me, good at Wal-Mart, Target and many more in my name. And then it says that that will be my only notice and the deadline to claim my reward is on 1/30/2015. I was kind of skeptical about calling the number on the card at first, but then I stupidly got on my phone and called the number on the front of the card!! I guy with a heavy Spanish accent answered the phone and promised me at first that I only have to pay $1.00 in order to get my reward.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Jacksonville, FL But then he asked me a series of questions about different offers and made me say yes to all of the questions because I had said no to some of the questions. I was on the phone for almost an hour with him and a 2nd and 3rd party person!! I had never been scammed like this before. They made things sound so promising, though. I haven't even received the $100 reward yet!! I'll never fall for scams like these ever again!! I'm gonna request a new debit card asap!! Here is the number that's on the front of the card: [protected]. I decided to include this number in my complaint because I'm wondering if the people in charge of this complaint board have the authority to call the Better Business Bureau or do I have to be the one to call it to state my complaint about Fun Vantage? I want these scammers to be caught and brought to justice and I want my $19.95 put back on my debit card!!! I'm low on income and I cannot afford my money to be stolen like this!!!

Fun Vantage

Jan 30, 2015

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