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Sunday, 14 Sept. I was looking for some new images for wallpaper of my computer when I came across a site that advertised free wallpaper for the background of PC's. The name Fun Utilities had the site, load as many as you want it's free. The pictures and images were excellant and I picked out 7 and downloaded them through I logged off of the site and when I tried to view these pictures they were in sealed files. When I tried to open the first one my Kaspersky anti-spyware warned me that was trying to replace my default browser, Mozilla Firefox. I said no I didn't want this but the warning would not go away. As soon as I pushed 'no' it came right back. It eventually quit, but then I got a terms and conditions report. I was not interested and closed everything out deleted the pictures and came back to Firefox to find some more, only to find that had replaced Firefox, they had their own toolbar and everything. I went to my computers uninstall files and saw that had not only added their web site and toolbar, but their screen savers and smiley faces. I uninstalled all of them, despite butting in twice urging me not to delete their stuff. Later I discovered they had also replaced my Internet Explorer web site and I could not check on my emails. I also discovered that had their files through out mine intermingled everywhere. As I could not clear up Internet Explorer I had to do a system restore to get everything back like it was before. So beware of anything from Fun Utilities and, they will not only hi-jack your web providers with theirs. They will also fill your computer full of Spy-ware and Ad-ware, and they will not give your provider back to you without a fight

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      Feb 22, 2012

    I am very upset with I cant login to my email account i use the right password and login name. I would like crawler asmn
    to email back at [protected] Pleae Robert Gray

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