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Fulton Dental - Alma Fulton / The most uncaring person I have ever met

1 4211 Bayless Ave.Saint Louis, MO, United States Review updated:
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I paid her for dental work and she was the most uncaring person I have ever met. She pulled a tooth and broke it off and told me she had done so. I was sent home with no after care instructions or anything pertaining to what I had done.I had 8 teeth pulled and an upper plate made. I've regretted it everyday since I've had it done. The piece from the broke tooth went up into my gum and caused my mouth to hurt and inturn it bowed out my denture and I was unable to wear it for months. I was finally able to reach the dentist and she denied at first that it was my tooth fragment but instead was my gum. Then after I ran my finger around my gum line she decided that maybe it was and took x-rays. Whereas she paid to have my fragments removed and gum line rebuilt. But it all happened 11 moths after the fact. I went without teeth and was in pain for a long time. Her all time response to me was that my mouth was crooked and she would laugh. The surgeon checked and said that my mouth was no more crooked than normal. I had both sides of my upper gums cut and stitched. I had to go to a different dentist and repay to have my upper denture remade. Alma wanted to charge me $290.00, to have my plate sized., after having already paying her,$2,645.00, in Nov.2006. A month before she actually pulled my teeth. I've been told things about her that only confirm how I feel about her and her dentistry. And none of it is good. I only wish that I could at least get some of my money back.

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  • Pe
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    Alma is the most caring dentist i have ever encountered. Mistakes do happen, and we can all agree no doctor is perfect. The matter of the fact is that the issue was resolved. The fact that the dentist had told the patient that a piece of the tooth remained, is a clear sign that further work should be done. 11 months is a long time to wait and be ignorant that something was wrong. Dentists aren't paid to think for you.

  • Lo
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I have been a patient of Dr. Fulton's for years and have NEVER had any problems with her or her work. I'm sorry if others have, but I have nothing but good things to say about her and her dental office.

  • Ma
      21st of Mar, 2011
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    My son has been a patient of Dr. Fulton for a couple of years now and has had teeth pulled and cavities filled and finds Dr. Fulton to be sensitive and caring and is a good dentist. I had a tooth pulled once at another dentist's and since my tooth was badly decayed it kept breaking apart when the dentist was trying to remove it. A sliver of tooth was left behind and it kept poking me. The dentist told me it was just my gums and to wait and it would harden over in a while and not bother me any more. However the sliver was there and I just kept pressing around it and it made its way through the surface and I just pulled it out. Although it was really tiny it felt like something really big. I guess this is pretty common because when the tooth is shredding as it is being pulled it is hard to tell if a tiny piece is left behind or not unless it is coming through the surface. The problem was I waited so long before going to the dentist. If I had gone in when the tooth first started to come apart the tooth probably would not have shredded like it did, and instead of having the tooth pulled I probably could have just had it filled. But since I did not have insurance I could not go to the dentist when I really should have.

  • Sc
      14th of Apr, 2011
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    Dr. Fulton has worked on my teeth for many years now and she is a fantastic woman. She is very smart and compassionate. I have to wonder if the bad comment on this board doesn't stem from more than is written. Iw ould recommend her to anyone!

  • He
      15th of Jul, 2011
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    I have been a patent of Dr. Fulton for just a couple of months and I find her to be very competent, caring, gentle and friendly. She explains the work you will need in plain English. Her staff just mirrors the friendliness, they are very competent and explain everything, they tell you how much your insurance will pay, how much is your responsibility, gives you an appointment that is convenient for you. I really like and trust her. - - Jo Ann

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