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I'm surprised this one hasn't turned up already. Because if this isn't a scam, it looks like one of the dozens of similar sites that are. They generally offer either some allegedly OEM products or download-only, and generally everything is pirated, illegal and probably won't work anyway.

The address given for this one also happens to be the address of the NY Ulster County DMV and a host of other offices including the court and the district auditors department. Not that plausible, then.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products do exist, but only in certain classes. Operating systems, for example, may be supplied in special forms for specific manufacturers. Drivers for various bits of hardware are also OEM-specific. But does Adobe really offer an OEM version of Dreamweaver or Indesign? I doubt it, given that these applications don't come pre-installed in anything that I know of. This is all very suspect, especially since the software listed is years out of date, too.

The site claims to be Dutch but could be owned by anyone, anywhere. A bunch of these run out of Eastern Europe, too.

The wording for parts of the site, the guarantee page for example, has been stolen directly from other sites and re-used. Much the same as the products on offer, I imagine.


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