Full Circle InternationalScam and cheating

A representative from this company found my resume online and contacted me, saying that they had a position open to be an 'account management representative'. So, I went ahead and scheduled an interview with them. I got to the office (you know it's a SCAM when there are 10-15 other people in the same office, at the same time, for the same position.) I was already a little skeptical, but I went ahead with the interview anyway.

I worked a couple of days before I realized that they really were a SCAM company, that makes you sell things door to door or business to business for 'shares'. Shares?? I got paid NOTHING!! Obviously, because I didn't sell enough..? But your training is 4 hours, unpaid and you only get a 'share' of what you sell. I have yet to see a paycheck, and I intend to follow through legally. BE AWARE!!


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