Fugi underwater camera / Liars and homophobic staff

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I have been a regular customer at Visions Electronics for years. I went to their 2013 Boxing day sale and found a Fugi underwater camera what was discounted ONLY because it was missing it's battery. I explicated asked if the camera worked and I was told by their manager that the ONLY reason it was discounted because it was missing the battery and that it works otherwise. I asked if I could return it if it did not work, which I was told yes. This manager suggested I buy the camera and then go to Landon Drugs to buy the camera battery that should cost around $25.00. The actual COST was nearly $65.00 for the battery/charger. This is not the reason for the complain. In fact, when I brought the camera and first used it in a trip to Cuba at the beginning of Feb. 2014, the camera leaked the first 30 seconds of being in the ocean; and water damage destroyed the battery, ruined the 16 vid card I bought from them as well as the camera. When I returned to Calgary and called, I spoke with the "Sales Manager" named Trevor, who informed me that it was too late to return the camera and that many people just buy an underwater camera and then return it to the store after their trip. I explained that the camera leaked, ruined my vid card, battery and the camera itself. That I was NOT one of these people he was referring to who returns the camera after a vacation and that the camera clearly has water damage due to leakage! I told him my Boyfriend's mother (We are a gay couple) put the camera in an package to store in my suitcase to bring back and show them the damage. Trevor proceeded to laughed and became somewhat short/rude with his replies...(not sure what prompted this guy to laugh and be short with me after I said my "Boyfriend" other than the fact he is a homophob), he then proceeded to state that they will not take it back, because the return policy states it is too late and continued laughing on the phone at me as I got more frustrated with Vision's two faced answers. (it hasn't even been two months and the other manager who sold me the camera said I could bring it back if it did not work as mentioned above!). I asked Trevor for Visions Complaints number as well as the Stores General Manager, to which he laughed again as he proceeded to provide me with the information. Regardless of this guys views on gays, he was unprofessional, took no responsibility for the products sold at his store, nor did I get an explanation as to why I was told I could bring back the camera if it didn't work after my trip. I will never again trust what Vision's sales reps/ Managers tell me prior to buying one of their fact, I will never shop at Visions Electronics again. Bad customer service. I'm sure Future Shop or Best Buy have staff that won't laugh at and be short with Gay people, let alone recant there initial assurance of returning a faulty product (and yes, the manager who sold me this camera knew I would be going to Cuba in beginning Feb.). In summary, Visions Electronics goes back on their assurances, provides erroneous information and hires and apparently promotes, homophobic individuals. Beware of this store. If you are part of the GLBT yourself a favour, go to Future Shop or Best Buy. I have never had one of their employees (let alone a "manager") treat me or my boyfriend in a homophobic manner.

Fugi underwater camera

Feb 25, 2014

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