FSIntelDo not pay their accounts

C Mar 07, 2017

I did graphic design work for FSN (Food service Netowrk) FSintel, NutriPOS and UbuntiPOS which are all owned by the same 2 directors. I did work for them for 3 months, they paid my first 2 months invoices for work done then refused to pay the final month invoice dated up to the 7th September 2016. I went to lawyers, sent demand letters, they paid R7, 000.00 of the R26, 100.00 owed for the month of August 2016 - 7th September 2016 (invoices I was told were always paid on the 7th of each month. So they still owe me R19, 100.00 to date. I have proof of all work done via Skype messages yet no payment. The company however did open a flashy new office in the interim. I would not do any work for the companies without upfront payment. Their lawyer no longer takes calls or communicates with my lawyer. They don't answer their calls from me or return messages regarding when payment will be done.

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