FsafedsUnauthorized medical claim filing by fsafeds staff

I reviewed my FSA FEDS account, on Friday, 04-28-17, and saw that two (2) claims were filed in April 2017 and immediately knew I had not filed such claims, although there was no "provider" shown, no "image" of any claim document (as is customary for past claims); The two (2) claims were two separate amounts with both being denied.

My contact by phone of FSA FEDS resulted in a representative stating to avoid losing 2016 balances accounts were reviewed and claims processed without knowledge or permission of account holders.

I expressed my upmost dissatisfaction with such an unethical, if not illegal act of filing claims for financial reimbursement without permission, consent, and prior advance notice of intent to do so and agreement. I conveyed that a financial matter of this type, has the appearance of possibly taking other liberties, and where might they end? Additionally, my balance prior to such filing was less than $500.00 thereby this alleged intent of service was not applicable to me, nor needed.

I conveyed as well, that I'd sent email on the site, but this matter was of such a caliber that I am requesting contact from an upper management within two (2) days, prior to filing appropriate external requests of inquiries with appropriate federal agencies.

I then noted a day later, a payment was authorized for a portion of one of the claims, and it's significant as to how could a payment be issued for a claim I did not submit, consent too, AND prior denied claims were for reasons of insufficient documentation, thereby what was now present that allowed for payment???

I would advise participants to be cognizant that unauthorized claims and/or acceptance of monies not due, not filed by the enroll-individual, but by others could result in some type problems for YOU. It's significant as well that I never enrolled In a feature of a health insurer releasing or coordinating FSA flex FUNDS with one another.

Apr 29, 2017

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