frozen Vegetables / Sneaky pricing

1 Sorell, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Incident 1. This happened in the frozen section of Coles, went to buy frozen food ticket item stated $2.99 for Garlic & Basil veg did not realise until I got to the checkout that exactly the same flavour of frozen veg was put under the ticket but they had put a different brand in its place 2-3 dollars difference, when I said something at the checkout and the checkout operator walked down with me she said it was a different brand and I said, yes I can see that now but they have 1. put it the same place as the ticked item-mind you same flavoured veg and 2. Have not removed the ticket, and thats when I said that is false advertising otherwise they would have removed the special ticket ( There mistake but I was charged less for this item) went back the following week and exactly the same thing was done agian in exactly the same manner. (mistake-I dont think so)

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