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Frontier Motors and Dodge / Customer service went fishing!

1 United States Review updated:

1) On the 30'th of last month I bought this truck I have drove it only to Pendleton and back after buying additive at my own expense to get rid of vibration

2) They then kept it for a couple of days doing something said it was fixed I then came and picked it up and it was just like it was

3) I don’t really know whets going on except that everybody blames someone else

4) Then rob the salesman said he would get me another truck I just need to take a big loss on it because it is now a used truck

5) The service manager said he was only calling dodge as a favor to me (isn’t that his job)

6) The owner of frontier will not even talk to me or return a call

7) Customer services at dodge just hang up on me and assist in no way

8) I do not want a repaired new truck with no miles on it

9) Had to go buy another truck ($12,000) to use since I can’t use this

10) They told me on the 27^th of June go look at a truck in Napa (again at my own expense) and it would be ready the next day it didn’t shake like the last one although I didn’t get to drive it

11) On the 28^th I went by at 7:30 they told me it would be ready for me went by at 12:00 and it still hadn’t been touched or moved

12) went by on the 29^th and then was told the guy who could let me have was on vacation fishing in Alaska so some day after the 4^th he may be back then maybe he would make the decision if I could have it

13) went in to talk to Jake and told him I had never been treated so badly by someone He jumped up and started saying that they have never bent so far over backwards to take care of someone then god bless the others

14) I have now made a payment on the truck and still no truck

15) I did call Dodge customer service again and they even said the guy was fishing and to just wait

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  • Do
      6th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hi Lester; How did this turn out?


  • Sh
      9th of May, 2011
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    Complaint about
    Frontier Dodge.
    5801 Spur 327
    Lubbock, TX 79424
    (806) 798-4500

    We had called frontier dodge to learn more about a 2006 Nissan Titan. We asked Ruben If he still had the truck. He said to let him check and he would get back with us. He then called my husband and stated that yes they still have the truck. the dealer asked if my husband would like to get the truck. My husband told the sales man that if it was possible to get him in the truck it would be great. Ruben then checked my husbands credit. Pulled a hard credit report. Looked up the financing and then stated that the truck was going to be payed for 48 months at 400 dollars a month. We asked if the truck was ready and he said yes. We live one hour away from the company. We were trading in a car that they had previously sold us so we told them to check with the Amarillo finance company first. He said that they did approve to get him this truck for his trade in. As we arrived Ruben or the sales men stated, " I have bad news, the truck would not start and now we have to send it to auction. We were upset by the fact that he did not tell us earlier before we made the trip. With our first car we got from this company, the car arrived filthy coke and sticky stuff all over it. No big deal it can be cleaned. Before we ever made the deal we test drove the car. The check engine light was on. We asked about it and they checked in the shop. There was nothing wrong with it and turned off the light. 1 week later the check engine light came on and we had it checked. There were numerous things wrong with the car. I called to ask them why they told us there was nothing wrong and just turned off the light. The manager at the used lot told me I was a lier and that they would not turn off a light like that. Needless to say with the truck, I called to the other dealership that also had the truck for sell on the internet and they stated that Ruben knew the truck was sold. He pulled us in there under false pretenses. . In the system it said the truck was sold perfectly fine to another person a week prior. So he not only ran our credit for this truck, they did not have the truck and he knew it. Please help If I can not get reimbursed some how I will have to get a lawyer.

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