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Frontier Airlines / Awful airlines

1 United States
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I'm never flying with Frontier airlines.. ever.. nor would i even DREAM of recommending it to anyone!!

I booked my ticket with Frontier last year to go to Altlanta from Portland and back. This cost me $866. I had to cancel this ticket due to personal reasons and when i got told i wouldn't be refunded the money but i could use it at a later time to book with frontier, I thought it was fine.. I got given a year's time for this which was convenient too.

However, now, almost a year later, now when i want to use my money, there are a number of rules in place making it hard for me to use the money

a) I have to use the entire money for one trip and one trip only (regardless of the amount - I cannot use the 900 to book to go to two places.. which is more logical given most return trips within the states usually cost around the 4-500$ mark)
b) I have to use the entire money to book one ticket only for myself (i.e. i cannot use the money to buy a ticket for both me and my wife cos it'll mean that some of the money will be used to book for 'someone else')
c) I cannot use this money to make a booking for a vacation deal offered on the frontier website (something that might enable me to spend this money stuck with them sensibly.. maybe a couple nights of accommodation?)- cos it involves the use of a 'partner' for accommodation and since the partner is not part of the frontier company, i cannot use this money to pay for them
d) I have to pay an extra $100 as re-booking fees!

This basically means that i have to buy a ticket to some random place for ~$900.. a place that i might not want to go to but now have to if i want to make use of all the money i have with frontier.. worse of all, i have to pay another 100$ to do this! AND spend the same amount for my wife if we want to go together, not to mention the extra costs for accommodation and all! I even asked if i could use it for 1 ticket like they say, but have multiple destinations (go from portland to chicago to washington dc and back to portland).. but turns out frontier don't fly to any place without going through Denver.. which will mean that if i want to go how i planned, i would have to go from portland to denver, denver to chicago, chicago back all the way to denver and then denver back to washingon dc!!! Doesn't' make ANY sense to waste at least half a day doing this!!!

When I called their customer care regarding all this, all i could get from them is 'we cannot do anything about it, that's our policy'.. I asked them what my options were. i mean what would they do with the 900$ .. all i get is that is your choice.. how on earth when I'm not left with any in the first place!!! If they want customers to use ONLY frontier, they really need to have improved their service!

How on earth would anyone feel like using or recommending frontier airlines ever again!

A very angry and gutted frontier customer.


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