Frontgatelighted christmas trees

In the past, I have ordered two Grand Nobel Christmas Trees from Frontgate in 2006 and 2013. Both trees had light and tip failures. My latest tree lasted four years before sections of the lights began going out. I called Frontgate and asked if I could buy additional lights from them and was told that they do not sell lights to customers, and preserve the extra lights for consumers with Christmas trees three years old or less. They advised me to go out and purchase the lights from Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot, Target etc., I soon discovered that no one sells the exact lights (which is needed on these trees). When I called Frontgate back, I was told that the lights are proprietary to Frontgate and my best bet would be to string my own lights. Really? Why would I spend good money on a tree to restring with other lights? How tacky is that? The tips are suppose to have a life time warranty on them, but Frontgate isn't honoring that commitment either.
Since this issue started I have read hundreds and hundreds of complaints from consumers stating that Frontgate doesn't stand behind their products or rectify any of the issues. I personally believe that corporate executives at Frontgate and the CEO should be made aware of how badly this company is treating their customers regarding defective merchandise. Is it only about the money? Perhaps if more dissatisfied customers join together and make public about this company we can help others avoid doing business with Frontgate. I will certainly do my part and will Never order anything more from them and tell my friends and family to share my experience.

Nov 27, 2018

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