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We made agreements with Randy for 27 N. Corona St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. We agreed to work off our pet deposit, as well as 75 hours in exchange for reduced rent. So far, we've put in 10 hours at the agreed $10 per hour rate. He offered to let us use his truck to move in. He got his deposit for us through ESM in the amount of $385. We also gave hime $330 for the pro-rated rent for December 2008. At the last minute, he emailed me and told me his truck was snowed in. He came into town on the 5th of December to help us rent a truck at Budget Truck Rental in old Colorado. I gave him the $58 in cash for the truck rental as they were going to charge it to his card the following day when we returned the truck and I didn't want to owe him. After signing all the papers to rent the truck, using his credit card, we went out for the pre trip inspection at which time he decided he wanted us to get insurance. I was $4 short and told him I had to call my husband for the money. He left for an appt, and by the time I walked back into the office to call my husband he already called and canceled the rental. I called my husband to have him call him to see what's going on. Randy cussed at him and hung up on him. He called our house several times and just hung up.

The next morning, my husband got him on the phone around 9 a.m. Randy said we could no longer move in and refused to return our money to us. Now I don't have the way to pay my current landlord to stay, and they're filing eviction on us tomorrow. My husband got so upset and stressed on Saturday that he had his first seizure in 6 years and we had to take him to the hospital. We offered to have Randy meet us there to exchange the keys for the money he owed us, but he never showed up. Now, we're going to be homeless because of this guy, and I'm disabled. I'm not getting any help from anyone. I'm at a complete loss.

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  • Al
      Jan 05, 2009

    I believe Randy is using a false name to gain information off of these sites, if you would like to know which name I believe it to be e-mail me.

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  • Ke
      Jan 06, 2009



    i wrote to her and otism asking whaddup and this nutjob went off on me.

    pranoid and wakko

    stay away from her

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