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Front Range Management / RENTAL SCAM

1 23 N Corona StColorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:

I rented from Randy Sigley without first checking him out, which is my mistake. During the last week before I was do to move in certain things still hadn't been done, things that I couldn't do and that he promised he'd do, like replacing the broken kitchen faucet for example. So I had my soon to be ex husband (who has been doing construction, plumbing, electrical etc, for 30+ years) to talk to him and see if he could fix it for me.

Now part of the deal is that I do work around the place, clean up after the last tenants, etc. Which is fine, but I don't do technical stuff, like changing faucets, fixing toilets, etc etc. That was my husbands area and I have no idea how to do that. And Randy said he'd do it anyways. I also asked him if we could paint my daughter's room a specific color, over the phone (should have asked for email confirmation but didn't, my mistake again) and he said yes.

Well, my husband did ask him about the faucet and offered to fix, and very nicely I might add. Well shortly after he gave permission for my husband to do so, I get a call from Randy telling me how my husband "jumped his ###" which was a total lie as I heard the whole conversation. So I proceeded to "kiss ###" to keep the peace.

I then looked up the name of the business (too little too late) and found this website, which scared me, but I was hoping I could still work with him right?

Well, we moved my stuff in on Saturday January 17, 2009, and everything was going well, until I replied to an email of Randy's asking how things were going, when was he going to get the prorated rent check, and that he'd let me know about the utilities. After replying to that and asking him about an outlet that wasn't working, letting him know that he should have the rent that day in the mail, and that I needed a copy of the utility bill for some county health insurance, he then proceeded to accuse me of wanting a "remodel" and that I violated the lease concerning the painting of my daughter's room, and that we never spoke about the painting of the bedroom.

Then he sent another one at 3 pm this same day saying I needed to move and was being evicted. Then he changed his mind again and said that we needed to redo the lease but that I couldn't bring my husband to this meeting.

He then proceeded to threaten me with the police (whatever) and the code enforcement (for what?) and that he was going to post a 3 day notice (ya so?) after which he said he would "forcibly remove me", which is highly illegal without a court eviction. I told him I would leave if he gave me my full $400 deposit back. He hasn't so I'm staying. I'm a single mother and I don't make much. I can't afford to move without my deposit so I'm not moving.

My 14-yo daughter is so anxious over this that she can't even sleep in her own bed at night, and this is a girl who is afraid of nothing. I just wanted a nice safe place for my daughter and me to live and this is what I get. I don't feel safe leaving my place unattended and feel like a prisoner here.

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  • Al
      10th of Nov, 2011
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    Front Range Management - If I can stop him from doing this to more people I will
    Front Range Management
    United States

    I thought people might be wondering why no one has really sued this guy for all that he has done, I will explain. My husband and I have been in the process of trying to sue Randy since we found out our building was condemned April of 2008. It took 3 or 4 months just to serve Randy the paperwork because you can't serve it yourself, someone uninvolved has to serve it for you and he runs when he sees people coming towards him with paperwork. Our first court date was in October. Randy counter sued for more than we are suing so now it's going to a larger court, we were unaware that this is an automatic thing so we showed up for the court date just to find out it had been moved at the last minuted when he counter sued at the last minute. Then the new court date was set for December, we thought this was an actual court date because we asked the clerk of the court if we needed to pay a filing fee in October and she said no, we could do that on the December court date. We found out in December that the court was only for us to pay Randy 15, 000 or to file a counter suit. So now our next court date is in February. It can become quite frustrating, Randy use to be a lawyer; he knows how to work the system and he does it every chance he gets. I'm sure our next court date won't be much more than a discovery hearing and it will be prolonged again but hopefully they will see that he has nothing and we have everything. If anyone who is having these issues with Randy would like to come to our court date and testify on our behalf on how Randy treats them it would be most appreciated. In case this didn't get through to everyone, it's the multiple court costs, time off work, and just the stress of dealing with it for so long that drives most people to just walk away and call it a loss. I refuse. If I can stop him from doing this to more people I will.

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