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Frisky Pet Emporium / Animal Abuse

1 4300 Meadows LaneLas Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (702) 870-0939

I have visted this pet shop in the Meadows Mall quite a few times to look at the animals while shopping and everytime left angry and upset for what has been seen in there. But today completely took the cake. I am appalled at how I was lied to and also about the condition of the animals.

I went inside today to look at cats and birds and skimmed around the dogs, in which none had ANY food NOR water. They all looked stressed, unhappy, unkept and dirty. A bulldog in particular seemed to be patch balding and infection around the eyes. A couple mutt mixes were shaking really bad and had mangey coats. Upon approaching the cats I was shocked and disgusted. The two persians on display where ratty and mangey, feces stuck to their bottoms, tails and their fur was increasingly too long and shedding badly. The black one looked like it was in alot of pain and had quite a bit of gook around the eyes. A small orange kitten came next. It was unkept, underweight and was far from playful. Instead it was huddled in a corner shaking. The other cats on display also looked dirty and sick with no fresh food or water, and very antisocial. The display tags were misleading as well. One display of tabby kittens was named for "scottish folds". I know scottish folds because I've been wanting one myself and when I inquired to one of the emplyee's they tried convincing me that the mixed tabbies in the display were infact scottish folds. (Munchkin ones no less, and they didn't have short legs at all) I didn't even have time to ask questions before she shoved high prices down my throat.

There was a cage with two small pigs in it in which they had no food at all, only wood shavings in the bowl. Under their cage were two rabbits, one of which (the black one) had bite marks all over it's neck and missing fur. They had no water in their cage. I could see into the back section another cage of rabbits with two brown females huddles into corners..they honestly didn't even look like they were breathing at all and their faces were stressed. I also caught a glimpse of a white chinchilla looking underweight and lathargic. Finally came the in particular was missing feathers around it's neck and had bloody scabs all around it. It was pretty depressing...

I asked an employee (who pretty much looked nasty and unkept too) about the birds issues and she rudely stated with obvious pauses; "We have the vet coming in tommorow." I replied with "Alright...what about the cats and dogs? Why are the unclean, no food or water and look like they have medical issues and depressed?" She stared at me for a moment and studdered with a quick "We have bather coming in tommorow too." Funny, how I ask and I get a quick reponse that the animals will get their attention. I asked that if I came back tommorow would the pets would be cleaned and treated properly? She completely ignored me and dissapeared into the back of the store. I was god smacked. Their food is also messy brown dry chunks of crap. It didn't look like pet food at all..more like cardboard.

I snapped pictures of some of the animals on a cell phone for the humane society as well. After reading countless reports of how horrible this place is, let alone with cheating people out of their money and lieing along with seeing with my own eyes; I question why they haven't been ###ing shut down. For a store that carries "High Fashion" considored products for pets, why do their animals look like ###? It was like walking into a starving animals concentration camp.

The times I have visted before I have seen cats especially in worse conditions and bloody marks on rabbits backs with upset me pretty badly, since I am an avid rabbit lover. I was tempted to buy a suffering persian kitten the last time I was there but the lady said she wouldn't sell it to me unless it was cash and around $3, 000 because it was "pure breed"..which is another load of bull. They charge extra costs to cheat you out of money and slowly kill their animals. I wouldn't be suprised if they let the animals get into that condition as a manipulation for people to spend large amounts of money to save these animals. It's abuse...$3, 000 could save countless animals at a shelter...and this store has no excuse for letting these animals get into these deplorable conditions.

Don't shop here, period. Unless you want to pay some massive vet bills. The only way I recommend spending money is to buy every animal there and give them a true home and a chance at life instead of dieing slowly in a cage.

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  • Sc
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    This place is horrible, just like you said. I bought a puppy here, I was told she was AKC, then UKC and finally she was UABR these pet shops sell puppy mill dogs. It took me about 8 months to get my dogs papers from this store. They treated my husband and I very rude. I also talked to the owner Judy who was rude as well. She also has her name on my dogs paperwork as a hobby breeder. I complained on the BBB but it was not much help.

  • Dn
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    My cat loves Friskies Cat food and can only eat liver and turkey, believe me I've tried everything else.
    This is the problem
    I can only buy the large cans of cat food. The small cans usually have a grey ring around the outer verticle area surrounding the cat food and so I'm only getting half a small can. When I buy the large can its great no grey bad stuff, but it goes bad so quickly I'm throwing half a can away. Any suggestions?

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