Frigidaire / Electrolux / frigidaire fghc2331pfca side by side refrigerator

San Diego, CaliforniaS, United States

The refrigerator we purchased approximately 2 months ago has not worked properly and is defective from the day we received it. We purchased a side by side Frigidaire refrigerator appoximately 2 months ago. From the day we received it we had condensation problems from the water dispenser, it developed condensation and freezing problems in the crisper door and now the temp control is not working properly, not registering the appropriate temperature in the fridge. We have had 5 repairs, going on 6 since the temp issue needs to be taken care of now. Also, the solution to the crisper freezing was to use silicone around the frame and box, and also a greasy and goopy sealant on the door, which is unacceptable. Now there is a constant greasy film on the seal which gets on our clothes if we lean on the door at all, and has made the seal un-cleanable. The silicone sealant on the box is awful looking and looks shoddy. Electrolux has expressed that if that was the recommendation for repair by their technicians, then that is how is has to be. I have asked for a replacement since each repair is costing me food spoilage due to the door being left open for so long, and they don't cover that - the each repair visit is disruptive. I should have received a working unit in the first place and can accept one or two repairs - but this is going on the 6th with no end in sight, plus a very sloppy job done. I no longer have a nice new refrigerator.

Sep 22, 2017

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