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Frigidaire, A&e Factory Service & Sears Nightmare / My sincere advice is to ¬ to buy Frigidaire / Sears products or service&!

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On 11/15/2005, i purchased a washer (Frigidaire model:fwsb5700ds0 serial no:xc52300870) from bestbuy. On or around 7/10/2006 machine developed a problem of slow and noisy spin cycle. Subsequently, a call was placed to Frigidaire reporting the issue. Frigidaire assigned a case no ([protected]) and referred me to a&e factory service (owned by sears) for repair/replacement and problem resolution. I called a&e factory services to schedule a repair as suggested by Frigidaire. When i called i was put on hold for over twenty (20) minutes. Finally, a&e operator came online and scheduled a repair visit scheduled for 7/13/2006 (ser.order [protected]). On his visit on 7/13/2006 , a&e technician (tech id: 0876177) determine the problem caused by "damage machine belt only" and nothing else. Technician replaced the belt and left without testing the machine. After he left, when i ran the machine, not only the initial problem of slow/noisy spin is still there but water was leaking underneath the machine creating an "electrical hazard". Again, i called a&e and report the problem of slow/noisy, water leaking and electrical hazard. A&e reschedule a second visit with a promise to send a "senior technician", instead they send the same technician from previous visit. On his second visit, technician was rude,and unprofessional in behavior. This time, he looked at the very same machine and diagnosed it "transmission problem", which was never there during his first visit two days ago. A&e technician said transmission is " not covered with warranty" and left without fixing anything. Please make a note that machine was purchased only six months ago and is covered with one year manufacture warranty. When i contacted Frigidaire they also refuse to either repair or replace the machine as required by law.

Based on my experience, my sincere advice is to "not to buy Frigidaire / sears product or service".

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  • De
      29th of Jan, 2007
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    Do not buy Frigidaire!

  • Ja
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    Rather than re-writing what happened to me here is the letter I wrote to Sears about my experience.

    I just wanted to share my recent experience with purchasing over $3500.00 of Merchandise from Sears at the Westfield Shopping Center in Vancouver Washington. On November 2nd my wife and I purchased a refrigerator, a drop in stove and a dishwasher for a grand total of over $3500.00 On November 5th your delivery team delivered the dishwasher and refrigerator to my home as promised. In the process of the delivery my newly painted front door was badly scratched. The refrigerator was badly damaged and the dishwasher was missing installation parts and smelled of mildew. After being on hold and talking to employees who did nothing for me for literally hours I finally got someone who promised to have a new dishwasher sent out with the guy who was installing my stove which was to come 3 days later and that they could deliver a new refrigerator on the 15th of November. I mentioned the door damage but no compensation was offered and I was told tings like that happen from time to time during delivery of large appliances. Installation of the stove and new dishwasher went off without a problem and the installation was very nicely done. on the 14th I was suppose to get a call about the delivery of my new refrigerator I was promised the following day november 15th, but never did so i called Sears Delivery. I was patched through to the Philippines, and they told me my delivery was canceled on the 6th. This was after operations manager Julie promised delivery of a replacement refrigerator the following day November 15th. Of course Julie was off on the 15th and I ended up getting an employee who said she would call me back but never did so I contacted the store the next day the day I had taken the afternoon off to receive my replacement refrigerator and spoke to Kimberly for over an hour and she was finally able to get another refrigerator to me the following Saturday the 18th. On Saturday delivery brought another badly damaged refrigerator. After I refused that one I called and spent yet another hour or so on the phone with various employees who passed me around I was finally promised another refrigerator the following day Sunday the 19th. Yet another damaged refrigerator was delivered on the 19th. Because this one was the best of the three delivered I had them remove the one I had and took the best of the three but still I was not at all satisfied with the condition of the refrigerator I am left with. I was told by your delivery man on the second delivery that most of the refrigerators have some kind of damage because of how they are handled by the Heisters at the loading dock, which the salesman did not warn me of. I asked Julie to see that I was offered some kind of Money back for settling with the damaged refrigerator because I was broke down by the hassle all of this caused my family and I, but I have received no answer from her. Not only do I feel that Sears is Obligated to give some kind of compensation not only for the damage on my door from the first delivery but for having to settle for damaged merchandise after spending over $3500.00 at Sears. This was by far the worst experience I have had in my adult life with a large purchase. The lack of product quality and lack of customer service is not the reputation Sears used to have. The more people I share my story with the more I am finding people with similar experiences. I feel I made a poor decision to purchase from Sears especially since one of the only reason I did was because they had product available sooner than one of the competitors in my area, DeWills. This transaction took over 17 days, 4 deliveries, countless hours on the phone, a scratched freshly painted door, lost wages from work from botched deliveries, and more frustration than I could even explain. Truely a nightmare of an experience without the 100% satisfaction guarantee Sears promises. My only hope is that this does not fall on deaf ears or responded to with a generic or canned response to further frustrate me.

  • Wi
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    I hear ya!!! Just had a horrible frustrating experience with sears. They now out source their service calls. I spoke with people in Guatemala to schedule an appointment but it got so screwed up!! Long story short... I will not be spending any of my dollars ever at Sears again! Check their share price recently?? I'll be selling short.

  • Jo
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I read your comments.
    Do you know why this country so mess up?
    No one cares, even at Sears
    It used to be lot better, They hire employee(mexican) doesn't know how to install washer or dryer correctly...They install them so fill comes in cold water...cold fill comes in hot shrinks my cloth...

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