Friends of the Bridgeport Animal ShelterIllegal, criminal acts of Fred Acker

I have been in the rescue industry for over 26 years. Fred Acker of the SPCA of CT could not believe that I actually did rescue for free. In order to get "dirt" on me, he illegally entered my home and placed a surveillance device in a mirror, across from my bed, he placed surveillance devices inside my dogs and in the hallway of my house. He stole my diamond engagement band and taped my entire life for over a 10 day period. This is routine for Fred Acker who fancies himself a type of one man private investigator. He makes calls on a phone which changes his voice to everything from male to female to child. He sits by the computer all day long and on the telephone making problems for other rescues so he could be rescue king.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Monroe, CT In fact, his facility and grounds are deplorable, he has the overall appearance of a junkie and he owes the State of Connecticut over $300, 000 in civil damages stemming from a claim the State of Connecticut won against him for stealing people's identities and sell same to third parties. Anyone who deals with this guy should know to do so at their own risk. He is truly a sick individual and we in Fairfield County and all around Connecticut refer to him as "Freaky Freddy." Now that the world is aware of what he has been up to in our neck of the woods, I can guarantee you his luck with the authorities will change. No one wants Freddy, please rescue a pet from a legitimate rescue organization and not a dog selling operation like Fred. He doesn't even file tax returns. He is a low class, dirty criminal who was investigated for animal abuse and hoarding.

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