Friendly'sfilthy restaurant

OMG! This place is FILTHY! I always dread going in there because it's never clean! The floors look as if they NEVER get washed, the walls are dirty with old food stuck on them, and the waitresses aprons have ground in food stuck to them! How is anyone who serves food allowed to represent an eating establishment in apron's so filthy you can't even see the logo? My daughter who LOVES Friendly's was even disgusted! And did I mention the flies that stay in there? Always flies buzzing around! Last summer, their was a swam of them flying in a circle around the register! I was afraid to look and see what was swarming in the kitchen, because I had just chocked down my meal! I only went there because my daughter and I wanted to celebrate her achievement, and limited time brought us to that particular one, which was on our way home! If the Board of Health is doing inspections on a regular basis, that place would have been cited, or shut down!


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