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The people have either sold or given my credit card information to people who are now using my credit card to by things online.
Fortunately, my credit card company declined their charges because they were suspcious. I was notified and had to go through the charges. It was all for online adult sites. I do not use or have ever used an online adult website and I certainly wouldn't pay to look at people online.

My credit card account was cancelled and a new card was issued. I was stupid enough to make a purchase with the newly issued card at I trusted them. I thought they were a legimate pharmacy. I have always received my orders promptly and they do not sell controlled substances. This made me believe that the company was legitimate. I have prescriptions for everything that I have ordered. Some of the medicines are so expensive ( one is almost $800 for 90 pills), when I have gone to a regular pharmacy even with a discount. My insurance would not pay for them, but they are the only medicines that work for me.

Anyway, almost immediately after I used my new card to make an order from my credit card started having fraudulent charges again.

What should have tipped me off about these people is that I will receive email reminders that it is time to refill a prescription way before it should be time. The email would contain a link from someone different each time, that would expire in a few days if it was not used. If I clicked on the link, all my personal and credit card information was already filled out on their online order form. I couldn't believe that my information was displayed like that even if this link was sent just to me.

It is obvious to me that was selling or giving out my credit card and personal information and I will NEVER do business with them again.

If you need to order medicines online because you are trying to save money, be very, very careful and check the company out before you do and please stay away from

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