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Friendfinder-Get It On / e-mails to fellow members bieng answered with bogus, misleading responses that guiode you to another scam.

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Phone: 6107571929

I signed up for an online adult dating service called Get It On. It is one of many sights owned and operated by Friendfinder. Originators of Adult Friend Finder, another online adult dating service. After not reading the fine print which was hidden in light grey in a sea of color, I ended up paying for 1 year instead of a month-by month fee. Buyer beware. Shame on me. After calling to try to recoup some of my money, they agreed to send me back $108 in 5-7 business days. They charged me for one month at their most expensive price. Ever since, I've recieved e-mail responses from prospective members of whom I was attracted with overly friendly messages that directed me to their "private" web address. When I went to that address and left a message they respond back with another overly friendly message but want you to check yourself through the SAFE ADULT DATING SITE and sign up, for money of course, so that they can see you're legit. If you ingore it they barage your e-mail with porn website ads, other girls with sexy names wonder why you have not contacted them for a meeting perpetuating the scam.

I believe this is in retaliation for taking back my cash as each transmission including member profiles are watched and scrutinized by shameless computer geeks who determine what is communicated to and between members. THERE IS NO PRIVACY.

Furthermore, when I first posted my profile they inserted an inapropriate symbol indicating I was a loser. Well they were right. I lost my money and I am a loser for thinking I could actually benefit from such an evil, and rude website.

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  • Hu
      6th of Feb, 2010

    I find the experience to be credible. I spent a long time researching and taking action on the entanglements that this free ad claimed by Getiton using websecurebuy. When trying to get cleared It sent me to some monster classics and enrolled me. I traced the internet call and it was not as claimed so I reported the whole mater to the FBI, DOD and Home Land Security where each have department for abuse of the internet.

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  • An
      23rd of Mar, 2010

    I agree completely with the other two remarks my experience was much the same.I also answered some so called members only to be asked to join another web site to ensure I was legit in which, I refused and had my e-mails barraged with other porn sites. I did not feel safe using my own computer. There was no privacy. They seem to have nothing better to do with there time. And nothing seems to be being done about it. Its a crime.

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  • Do
      21st of Apr, 2010

    I tried the site for 2 months. I complained to the AFF group and got no help. I found that ALL ladies (I am a male) directed me to another site. The site, like most, is a scam. Are there no really kinky women near Boone, NC?? I am
    dotiemeup at the big Y

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  • Qu
      6th of May, 2010

    This site is a scam, when I joined I was charged twice a month for 2 months before I noticed it. The only reason I noticed is when I looked at my credit card statement. I had forgotten about the site. They don't send you any notification, they just charge your account and hope you don't notice it. Stay away from, you will also be contacted by hookers. They refused to refund me.

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  • Pi
      15th of May, 2010

    im having a terrible time with them when i thought i was paying monthley they took £121 ($178) then when i rang up the next day asking to close my account they said that my account will be closed and the money will be refunded within 2 working days they never refunded it nor did they fully take it from our account then they took it again and left me with no money and overdrawn this company is a scam and i advise evertone to avoid it !!!

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  • Bo
      27th of May, 2010

    I empathize with your experiences however, this is common practice with every dating site that I've ever seen. There is a discounted fee for a longer commitment. This practice extends beyond dating sites as well. I was charged for an extended membership when my intention was to only commit for 1 month. I called and the difference was refunded to me in a timely manner.

    As far as the invitations to go to another site are concerned I was also approached by very friendly young ladies. I am always cautious on the Internet in general but being inviting away from a site that I already paid for that has a cam to cam feature to go to another site to view someone's cam immediately raised a red flag for me. I have no doubt that these are independent members that have a financial gain to be made by recruiting people to the outside site. Think about how it happened. Were you asked to connect your new profile to the person that invited you?

    There are regular folks on the site who are there for the same reasons we are. There are also predators there. It's our responsibility to exercise some "street smarts". I am not saying that their practices or methods are ethical, I'm simply saying don't allow yourself to be tricked and you won't be.

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  • Li
      28th of May, 2010

    Craigslist for free.

    Also, turn off your computers and go outside and talk to real people. Shocking tip!

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  • Bo
      7th of Aug, 2010

    I agree with all above. I live alone in a very boring town and was looking for some casual excitement. I kept getting bogus replies to my emails. This is a huge scam and will result in laws governing the Internet. It's a shame. But, when people behave badly, laws are needed to protect others.

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  • Jo
      1st of Jan, 2011

    I signed on with Get it on. com December 19th. of 2010, thinking I would finally give one of thease dating sights a trie after reeding their agreements, I signed to what they were offering. A good deal for the one year service for the offerd Premium service over 1/2 of the offerd curant offers(women on line now dissapeard, but over a week of trying to compleate my profile and several phone calls to their technical service people, They convinced me that if I wanted to make contact with the other 1/2 members (which were Standard members) I would have to purchase an additional Standard contact. I did just that and right after that All the standard hotties dissapeard and the only offers I was left with were not what My profile nor my qupid or sexual prefrances were. I tried to correct this untill December 31st. 2010 12:00-12:30 Am The Technition (some Lady) said since theey can not correct the settings and problems I am experancing she offerd to personally eliminate my profile and reverse my charges to my Charge card, I was so happy to I ageed and before I could ask her on how long this would take she hung up. I then called my charge card compaany and all they could do is put a hold on it. About 16 hours later they were still sending me new offers. And I guess I have an account listed as well as a bill still showing . I have sent them 2 E-mail comments and asked for a responce to see just what is going on no responce as of yet.

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