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Friedman's Inc. / No one can't take care of my business!

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I had been making payments on a ring and decided to pay it off ahead of time - I called and made the $2,061.13 payment on 9-15 I used my debit card. 2 Days later I noticed it had not been taking out of my bank acct. I called Friedman's back and was told my card was denied. I then called my bank and asked what happened, they said that the debit card has a limit per day (to avoid charges if stolen) I then called Friedman's and told them what had happened and I said I would go by the branch closest to me and pay with a check- they told me that they could accept a check by phone with a $2.00 charge, I gave all my information and thought it was over. A few days past and I noticed again that it was not deducted from my acct. I called and questioned it and they said my card had been declined. I then said I know I paid by check. The lady then said well let me take your info again just in case it didn't go through, I asked her with me giving her this info I wasn't going to be charged twice correct? She assured me that I wouldn't. A few days later again it had not been taken out of my acct. I again called and had to go through the long spill again about card denied check etc. She said she had to check into it - placed me on hold. She then returned to tell me the other lady (Betty) I had talked to 3xs before don't remember me. (I didn't believe that) She then told me that a payment was posted 9-27. I was still confused because it was still in my acct. She (Sue)then placed me on hold checked further- she came back to say that they had an error on their system and no payments were made, give it a few days and it should be alright. I asked her - I'm not going to be charged double correct? Her reply No. After I hung up I again thought of double charge. I called back and talked to a Barbara - I asked to speak to Sue since she seemed to have some snap - other then Betty not even remembering me or taking my info 2xs. Barbara asked for my acct info and I said I just talked to Sue, can I please speak with her? She then put me on hold (where I could hear the background) and I heard Sue say Is that Mrs. Mitchell again?? Barbara then placed me on hold, when she returned I said YES, this is Mrs. Mitchell again. She said Sue was unavailable and asked if she could help me - so without going into the long spill (since I know she already knew what was up) I said I just wanted to make sure I would not be charged 2xs- She said she understood and she would flag my acct (DO NOT Charge 2Xs) Well I hung up - On 10-10 (few days)I checked my acct. and it was taken $2061.13. About time. I never thought it would be so hard to pay something off ahead of time. Well I looked at my acct 10-17 and noticed $2063.63 was taken AGAIN [protected].13 + 2.50 (which Betty said 2.00) I then called and asked for the supervisor avoiding Betty,Sure or Barbara. I talked to Tiana and she told me she would get right on and cal me within 20 minutes. Well needless to say 20 minutes turned into 1 1/2 hrs - I then called her back and again I asked for them to credit my acct. After nothing being done I called Tiana again asking for her supervisors number, she said she didn't know it off the top of her head.

I asked her to get her supervisor to call me, I was tired of getting no where. Well that call never came. Tiana called and asked for my banks #- I thought she was calling and it was taken care of. She never called me back - I had to call AGAIN. All she did was call my bank and say they had debited my acct twice on mistake and that they would pay for any NSF checks .That doesn't help me at all- I'll be the one writing the hot check - I'm going to be the one the place of business wont want to accept another check from. I then called again once I got home from work and Betty answered I surely did not want to give her any info. I asked for Tiana - after about 6 minutes she got on the phone and said I have your check in my hand. I asked her the amount and she placed me on hold while she got it. (must not have had in her hand) She told me that she wasn't able to get it in the mail, I asked mail? How are you going to send it? She said that she would be sending by overnight. Well overnight came and went. I called 10-19 around 9am and talked to John Webb, I asked to speak to Tiana he asked who I was - I told him. He then placed me on hold and came back to say she wasn't available. I then gave him my number and asked for her to return my call. Then around 3pm I called her again (since she never returned my call) I got lucky had John answered the phone again.. I asked for her and he said "Didn't you call this morning" I said yes, and with his hesitation I said she never returned my call, he let me know he gave her the message. He then told me she wasn't in that dept. and he'd give her a message to return my call AGAIN. I then asked if I could speak to Chello (her supervisor) his reply was - you didn't hear me correct - I will give her the message. So this is where I am - I have still yet to receive the check nor wire. I would like so much for a HIGHER boss that will actually take care of business then to handle their customers this way. I am very upset. Oh and when you do call their Corporate office - you will have to wait at least 20 minutes before your able to speak to someone JUST to hear she's not available and there's no one else I can speak with.

Friedman's Inc.
4550 Excel Pkwy Suite 100
Addison TX 75001

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  • Bu
      6th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too have had problems dealing with these people, AND I don't even have an account with them. I have never done any business with them, however they have had a collection agency contact me several times to collect $3080.32.
    They first started in late 2007 and now ( May 2009 ) they have started again,
    We exchanged several emails AND phone calls the result of which I confirmed that I am not the person they are looking for. They told me the last 4 of the SSN and I told them that those were not mine. They asked for my SSN... “NO WAY” I told them.
    Does any one know how I can get these clowns off my back?

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