Fridley lifetime clubCustomer service/ harassment

I am a lifetime member for 3 years now I noticed the very bad customer service but this incident is unbelievable. I came in to the gym yesterday with my cousin who just got his membership. When we entered the place he was looked at funny by the employees because he had religious cloths on. We then got checked him by 3 different people because of suspicion when we asked why they had done that we where told never to ask question in their home. I kept silent when one of their employee a large man come in my cousins face and said you wanna take this outside out in mind he is a minor and was scared as well as embraced in front of the whole gym. When I asked for the manager he called the cops and said he would not tolerate this. Where is the justice when I was signing up I was approached by the best customer service. When the cops arrived they yelled at us and they trespassed us from all Minnesota lifetime clubs when me and my cousin just paid 100$ for our new membership I work my ### off at a retail store and this isn't fair. I won't stop until this is put into account

Jan 30, 2015

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