Fridgadaire / Dishwasher

1 Pearce, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 520-507-1493

bought dishwasher 1/9/2006 and paid $595.95, got a 5 yr extended warranty from warrantech and now know i lost my year from manufacturer. it is a digital dishwasher and has broken so many time the repair guy is on my contact list for my phone. it gets fixed and after a few days it is flashing err and won't do a thing. it does this over and over and they put on new dial pads and it works for a week or so, same thing they are saying i have only had 3 repairs the others were recalls and the csr i spoke to roland h says the other fixes don't count. the nsi website says i can request a new dishwasher after three service calls and i did deal...fix it again this broke april 20th and it still is not working...i am so sick of the repeated service calls and no satisfaction i could scream.

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