Friday Restaurant / bad hospitality

1 AL-Andalus ST., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I would like to raise this complain about your restaurant at Al-Andalus st. Jeddah. where I was their with my family last Friday MAY 29th @ 20:30hrs. where we came out of your restaurant sweating in addition to this we didn't get the minimum level of service and below are my observations/complains:

- First of all we were escorted and seated at a section where the AC units were not working! at a very hot environment.
- We had to search in the restaurant for our waiter to make the order.
- Although we requested him to make the food cocked will, but unfortunately this didn't happen.
- After we finish our dinner we had to wait longer in that hot weather while your waiter was moving to serve other people at the cold sections of your restaurant and when ever we call him he was tilling us to wait.
- Finally when we were ready to pay the check they told us we have to pay in cash only.
- I had to go and search for ATM to get the money for them.
- al of this happened while the manager didn't take any action in fact he didn't say a single word.
- In fact their was No trust that we will get the money out of the ATM and come back to pay them but I did went out got the money and returned back to pay the check.

note: although I was a costumer for your restaurant in the past years but never ever I will inter any Fridays restaurant in fact I will tell this situation to whomever I know and advice them not to go there.


May 31, 2015

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