Freshens / Cheats

This happened long before the year 2000, but the dates only go back that far..I worked for a yogurt shop called "Freshens"..Originally I was hired to only work for a month as a fill in so my Sister-in-law and my Manager could have some time off..after a few mishaps I finally settled into my job and it only took me a week to garner some repeat customers..they would actually come in and ask for the "little blond girl"..when I received my first check it was for over $400 because for a month straight I opened and closed the shop that time I was counting out the register to save my manager the hassle..she was thrilled with my work and asked me to stay sister-in-law angrily quite coz our Manager was letting me do certain duties she would not let her do, she told everyone who would listen I "stole her job"!..My Manager I'll call her Dawn hired a new girl who wouldn't stay off the phone and since hiring her our registers would come up short..after about a million complaints from me..Dawn fired her and let me hire a new girl I'll call her Sasha..Sasha was great, willing to learn and she loved working at "Freshens" as much as I did..the Owner was soo happy he told us to take any overages in the registers and start up a Christmas Party fund and he woudl add to it so we Sept. it was nearly $100..we also added in some tip money to help out with the day I arrived at the shop to open up and imagine my surprise when I found the shop completely empty no yogurt machines, no registers nothing..I called Dawn thinking we were robbed..she told me to wait outside and not touch anything..after arriving we searched the shop again where she found a note from the owner telling us to leave our aprons and our keys, the property owner had sold the building and we lost our lease..he knew this was happening for over 2 weeks and never bothered to tell us..he also said we would get our final checks in the mail within 10 days..Dawn gave me his full name, address and number in case he didn't follow through..we decided to split the party money between us..I should add Sasha had no idea about the party money so we were the only ones adding to it..our jaws dropped when we saw the money was gone. Dawn called the owner again and he said that money came out of his registers and his pocket so it was his money, and unless we had proof we had put in any tip money he was keeping the full amount, but he would give us a bonus on our last check..yes we got our last check yes it had the correct hours on it and no it did not include a bonus...Dawn also found out our Boss had the chance to relocate Freshens, but decided not to bother with it..first he closes the shop down without telling us, then he keeps our party money then he lies about the "bonus" we would each get!! That is NOT the way to run a business nor is it a way to treat your employees!!


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