Fresh N' Famous Foods IncPoor service. Unattended Manager

My friends and I decided to dine at chowking molino branch. We ordered exactly 9:15 and asked by Justine the cashier if we're willing to wait for 20 mins for the order of my friend which is porkchop then we agreed. 20 mins passed and we didn't receive any of our order so we decided to get the attention of Joen the service crew and no one go to us to update us about our followed up order then we notice that the manager asked Justine where is our receipt and noticed that its inside her paper cup wet and reprinted when given to us. Then 2 of our order arrived but there's still missing imagine we almost waited for 1 hour but still we received an incomplete order. My friend goes to front counter to personally asked the cashier which is Justine and the manager naming Hazel told her to wait again for 2mins . And again we asked the service crew on the status of it and the service crew apologized for the late order because our receipt was LOST?! Good answer right? All this happened and we didn't get any attention from the manager? And before leaving the store my friend ask the other manager if there's any technical difficulties inside the kitchen then she just answered yes man. Then told what happen and didn't receive any apologies?! Keep it up guys!

Fresh N' Famous Foods Inc

May 12, 2017

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