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fresh and green carpet best deal steam n clean classic yaniv cohen 852 reed ave san diego / Living Social Groupon Amazon Valupak Israel Scam Fraud Con Artist Unethical Ripoff Scam Tax Evasion Mail Internet Telemarketing & Bait and Switch

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1. I endured a very negative cleaning experience from a company misrepresenting themselves as Stanley Steemer. This company has been using a technique to redirect internet traffic. When a customer googles san diego carpet cleaning or similar, a well known carpet cleaning company shows up on the first page. The phone number associated with the well known company listed on the Google map is "somehow" replaced by a phone number owned by, Fresh and Green Carpet Cleaners owned by Sky Services Yaniv Cohen, 852 Reed Ave #1 San Diego Ca 92109. On 3-2-12, I called [protected], the company answered "Carpet Cleaning"(no name). I asked the name and they said "where did you see our ad?" I said under "Stanley Steemer" they said yes they were "Stanley Steemer"and made the appointment. After Coming to my home in a truck labeled fresh and green, I questioned the company's name again. I was told they were "Stanley Steemer " and I agreed to have the work done. My receipt was printed with Sky Services and Fresh and Green. I later found out this is a piggyback type scam. I spoke with someone calling himself the owner "Ron" it turns out his name is Yaniv (Yanni Yani) Cohen. This covers part 1 of the scam. Redirecting intent traffic by hijacking Google search phone numbers and replacing them for short periods of time. After being taken advantage of in this way, I decided to investigate this company. Michael J Conway Owner of 852 REED AVE apt 1 SAN DIEGO CA 92109 Knowingly rents to Scam Companies in San Diego Pacific Beach .I found a ring of Israeli Operated companies that love feeding on your tears.
2. The scams involve "Bait and Switch" Once you make the appointment, you are encouraged to move your furniture. The Carpet Cleaner arrives and promptly informs you that your carpet is so filthy that the normal cleaning won't work. The "cleaner" knows you've moved the furniture and have possibly taken off from work. He knows you are eager to get the carpet cleaned. The 49.00 deal goes up 100% while the guy bluffs, that he's going to leave. Our elderly are especially vulnerable to this scam.
3. It's not Green or Anti Allergy . They use the same carpet solution you buy at Home Depot.
4. Fresh and Green and their fraudulent friends have NO repeat business .So many people have left Bad feedback and Negative reviews, they have no recourse but to hide behind Valupak, Groupon, Amazon Local Deals and Living Social.
5. The truth is, is that this is a well thought out business model, an extortion scheme to be avoided. The main feature is preying on you at your weakest moment. The same scam is done with Locksmiths, they promise 19.00. They know you are locked out and vulnerable suddenly the price becomes 200.00-300.00 or more for 5 minutes work. This tactic takes full advantage of the elderly, women or anyone locked out of their cars and homes in the dark. The scary part is these people are NOT licensed, they can easily come back and open the door when your not home. Air Duct Cleaning: No matter what the condition of you air ducts are, these companies will declare them filthy and the cause of your illnesses. This is a total scam taking advantage of ill people, desperate to feel better.They often go so far as to recommend complete Air and Heating system replacements and or "Chemical Treatments". Orogold ORO Gold: once again, taking advantage of women looking for a magic wrinkle cream, they extract large sums of money from the vulnerable. Moving Companies: When you're moving your worldly goods across town or across the country, you're most vulnerable. With this type of business you will find your estimate will quadruple. Contracting Contractors Home Repair Remodelers Handyman: When you trust someone to tear your house apart and put it back together again you're extremely vulnerable. This type of company will take full advantage and in all cases the price swiftly rises as new "problems" are discovered. These parasites know you can't just get another contractor at the blink of an eye. Towing: Same old scam. Your car has broken down, you're vulnerable. It's probably at night. This is were this type of business flourishes. Water Damage: Water Damage is another popular business with them. It's an emergency and they happily take advantage of you at your worst moments. Bed Bug: Another Repeat…They say you have bed bugs even if you don't and they "treat" and get paid!!! SEO Search Engine Optimization: They use illegal methods to move traffic to your website . I know of a "google phone number switch " they also piggyback on an existing website or redirect traffic from a legitimate website to their site. I tried reporting this activity to google but they was no way to report it. Lottery Scam, pretending to be a Nigerian Scam: This scam convinces people they've won the lottery and need to pay taxes, guess who collects the taxes?. Subway Scam (Tube shekel scammer) This scam has a guy pretending to be poor, homeless etc. asking unsuspecting people for help. It's just another Israeli scam, it's not an isolated incident it's a con artist business model and it fits perfectly with the homeless problem in many urban areas.
Different Names, Phone Numbers, and Addresses associated with this SAME company companies.
Fresh & Green Carpet Clean and in San Diego, Carpet & Upholstery
Fresh Carpet Care [protected]
Best Deal Carpet Care [protected]
Steam n Clean [protected]
852 Reed Ave #1
San Diego Ca 92109.
San Diego
[protected] sec [protected] fg [protected] sec
730 market San Diego 92101
Carpet Cleaning San Diego san diego carpet cleaning [protected]

530 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA [protected] sec [protected] Carpet Cleaning San Diego [protected]
san diego carpet cleaning pro
san diego carpet cleaning pro 325 washington st [protected] Best Deal Carpet Cleaning
2000 K St NW Washington, DC 20006
1121 University Blvd W Suite: 913. Silver Spring, MD [protected]
2004 11th Street NW Suite 240, Washington, DC 20001, DC 20001
DC [protected] vm
VA [protected]
MD [protected]
Hillcrest Carpet Cleaning  
Hillcrest Carpet Cleaners  
Poway Carpet Cleaning  
Little Italy Carpet Cleaning  
La Jolla Carpet Cleaners  
Los Angeles Washington DC San Diego
superb solutions- Now known as Dependable lock
this company is in the bronx new york.
some of their aliasis
sos locksmith
speedway locksmith
priceline locksmith
always available locksmith
( the citys go on and on with websites that use the citys name then a dash and then
they use hundreds of other names such as:
locksmith 24 hour inc.
24 hour locksmith
emergency locksmith
USA Locksmith- aka prestige business solutions
teanick - New Jersey
many of their names look like this.
#0#0#0 emergency locksmith
01 01 01 24 hour locksmith
# 1 3 1 000 locksmith
A locksmith
papa locksmith
24x7 locksmith and others
Golden locksmith solutions


/link removed/


Israeli Israel Scam Fresh and Green Carpet Cleaners Care Best Deal Yaniv Cohen Sky Services 852 REED AVE # 1 SAN DIEGO CA 92109 Steam n Clean Classic Carpet Cleaning Steamer Deep Shampoo Oriental Area Rug Palo Alto Eliyahu Barhanun, David Peer and Moshe Aharoni Michael J Conway MCS COMPANY LLC Encinitas Locksmith Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Cleaner Air Duct Orogold Oro Gold Moving Company Companies Towing Water Damage Restoration Contracting Contractors Home Repair Remodelers Handyman Art Student Scam Bed Bug SEO Search Engine Optimization Living Social Groupon Group-on Amazon Deals Valupak Stanley Steemer Steamer Coit Chem Dry Chemdry Organized Crime Ring Mossad Fraud Con Artist Unethical Ripoff Scam IRS Tax Evasion Mail Internet Telemarketing Fraud & Bait and Switch

Apr 10, 2013

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