Freight Shipping / Misrepresentation/failure to live do what they said they would do.

On 6/13/2011 I made arrangement to ship two pieces of furniture back from Minnesota to Texas. The person I spoke to was Ryan. After I filled out the information I received a quote. I selected the carrier. The next day received a call from Ryan. He stated he had to change carriers from Roadway to STI. I agreed to the additional cost. I receive instructions and bill of lading on email from Ryan. He then told me I would receive a call from STI to schedule pick up. I left for Minnesota on Thursday 6/14, prior to my leaving I sent Freight Center customer service with my shipment number my cellphone and asked them to have STI contact me on my cell. I did not receive any phone calls. The paperwork did not have any contact information for STI. On the scheduled pickup day I called Freight Center to find out why STI had not contacted me. The first time I got an answering machine. I called back 15 minutes later and got a live person. She told me STI said they would not pick up because the cabinet was not crated. They had plenty of time to tell me that STI would not pick up the items without them being crated. I then could have taken action to get them ready for the shipment, instead they did not tell me until the 6/20 @ 10:00 a.m. the day that STI needed to pick up the shipment and I had to fly back to Texas. They basically left me high and drive with no options. The person who assisted me should have been knowledgeable with all of the shipping requirements, their site should also have shipping requirements and contact information for the carrier, and they did not thing to help me. They could have offered to assist me in finding a carrier that would take my items, but they did nothing. when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told there was not a supervisor on staff and they would tell me the same thing. 17 phone calls later and 300+ more dollars I was able to secure through another company shipment for my two items. All I can say is do not use to ship items- they suck! in 1-10 rating I give them a zero. Their sales associates do not know what they are doing and their customer service stinks. They do nothing to help you, it basically is too bad for you. My husband also had to demand a full refund because the customer service agent said we would only get some of the charges back. No they owe me the entire refund, it was their error not mine. They are suppose to be the experts and tell the customers what they need to know. Instead they did nothing and did not communicate or follow up.


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