Freight ShippingBad Communication


Freight shipping uses multiple my case, it is yrc. I was told by a representative and the yrc online tracking that my shipping will arrive on a date. I take a day off that day at home waiting for the delivery. At around 3:00 pm yrc contacted me and said that I need to make an appointment for the delivery which won't happen on the same day.

Freight shipping has never asked me for my contact information. I proactively provided my home/cell phone number and stated clearly that I will be at home on the estimated delivery date provided by freight shipping / yrc and wait for the delivery. Apparently the information was not relayed to yrc. I just want to know how can I improve my communication so the next time, if I have to deal with yrc or freightnshipping, I won't make the same mistake again.

I can tolerate the delay of delivery. What I can't is the miscommunication, lack of communication, wrong information, and a day wasted.

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