Freeway Ford / Awful cusotmer service

1 Bloomington, MN, United States

I purchased a vehicle a monthe ago from Freeway Ford an paid almost 7, 000 upfront. When I purchased thee vehicle I was told theat a oil change had just been done. On April 25the I decided to take thee vehicle to my original shop and do an oil change since dealers don't usually do a full oil change where all fluids are re-done. I am theen told by my original shop theat Freeway ford has stripped thee oil pan and it needs to be fixed or eventually it will begin to leak oil. I right away call Freeway Ford from thee shop and I am told a supervisor will call me back. Which he does and I explain thee situation to him thee same way. The supervisor begins to verbally attack me saying my almost 7, 000 is notheing because is not a brand new vehicle. Continues on how if it was brand new he have no problem helping me. I advised him I was just as good as a customer as any regardless of thee dollars spent. I theen advised I would be calling corporate and make a complaint solely on his rude and disrespectful approach withe me as a customer, theat I will never be a customer of theeirs again nor refer anyone theere, and I will gladly take my 7, 000 somewhere else. I have made my complaint withe corporate and I was told by corporate theat a meeting will take place between theem, thee supervisor and thee manager of thee supervisor I dealt withe. Corporate apologized many times and stated theis bad service will be dealt withe. I let corporate know I appreciate theat but I will never do business again withe theem.

Apr 25, 2013

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