FreeTripleCreditScore.com3 complete scams


When you Google a site and it's one of the top Google Adwords, all the time, you expect the company to actually work.

I searched for "credit report, " and always seems to pop up in the sponsored results. It claims to offer you 3 free credit reports, and it claims that the only catch is no-obligation membership to and, with a 7 day free trial.

What they don't tell you:

1) You never get access to the site
2) The few that do get access hate it
3) They make it impossible to cancel

All three of these brands (,, and are apparently owned by some random marketing company.

I signed up for the free credit reports, and the site displayed my confirmation number. I waited. And waited. And waited. Never received my account confirmation or information so I could actually login. Checked my spam and trash. Nothing...

After a couple days of nothing, I sent an e-mail to them reporting that I have not received my account information. Nobody replied.

The next day, I called the numbers to both services to cancel them. was easy to cancel. However, has an automated phone system that doesn't work. I, of course, don't have my account info that's required to cancel, so I pressed the button to retrieve my account number. I tried entering my phone and credit card numbers several time; it just doesn't work.

I sent a second e-mail to them demanding that they cancel my account and send me a confirmation. If this BS gets charged on my card, I'm taking this to the BBB.

I've surfed the web, and a lot of people have the same problem. The few that don't say that the credit reports were "lacking, " meaning it basically lacked the info that you would expect to find in a credit report.

Do not mess with,, or, because you will get burned!

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