FreeRewardCenter.comBuyers beware


Treadmill: valued $999.99 (free shipping)
Total spent: approx $50.00 (after refunds and cancellations before trial periods end)

These are some of the absolute easiest, cheapest, and rewarding offers to complete (Be sure to read all Terms and Conditions for each offer before accepting).

1. Video Professor = $6.95 to cancel and get refund of the $6.95,
call [protected] or if received, send back for full refund.

2. TickleIQ = 12.95, for IQ test results, cancel autorenew membership before 7-day trial period ends,
Customer Service at [protected]

3. Trim Life = $5.95 charge up front (non-refundable), must call them to cancel
before 14 days, penalty charge $58.90 after 14 days, call [protected]

4. Real Rhapsody = Just stay beyond the 14 day trial, get billed once
for $9 and then cancel on

5. Zovaset = $5.95, one-time purchase

6. Bellisi Ties approx. $15, one-time purchase (very important to accept shipment...Per their terms and conditions "when a consumer has signed up through an Incentive/Reward website and either immediately cancels their membership or refuses the introductory shipment without contacting Belisi or opening the product, the consumer will be billed for a $30.00 cancellation fee. Cancellation fees will be administered by a collection agency." OUCH!)

7. = 30-day free trial period, $15.99 after trial ends
[protected] to cancel before end of trial period. wait at least 20 days before cancelling, though)

8. AOL 9.0 with MusicNow = free 30-day trial, $24.00/month after trial ends
[protected] to cancel before end of trial period

9. Earthlink =$9.95 for first 6 months, cancel anytime

Also, if you don't mind applying for credit cards, which will cost you $0 upfront, and they only require that you activate and make at least a $1 purchase:
(be sure to read the fine print for APRs, Introductory rates, and Cash-back bonus offers)

Starbucks Platinum Visa® card
Toys R Us Visa Card
Chase Platinum for Students
Citi® Platinum Select® Card
The Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Student
United Mileage Plus® Signature Visa® Card
Borders and Waldenbooks Platinum Visa® Card

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