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Hello my friends. I hope you are doing great. From personal experience, just recently I have hard times with

They won’t give me my money that I worked for in a valid contest. They have to give me 166gbp. But they are scam, they told me that the contest was closed to protect me as a user. This has no relevance or logic..

Short story: I have entered in a contest, with prize 500gbp to create design for an employer. The contest was guaranteed (This is a safety measure to guarantee us the freelancers that the money will be paid to us, for sure, meaning the prize wil be awarded 100% even if the employer does not decide a winning design). I have uploaded many valid entries, me and other freelancers. The contest holder (Employer) had 14days to decide the winning design, but unfortunately he did not pick one. So the prize must be splitted between the active entries. Meaning me and 2 other freelancers had active entries for the contest. I have talked with one of the support team and assured me that the money will be splitted in 3, after another 14 days. It has been passed these 14 days, and yesterday when I wait my part of the share 166.66gbp, I see the contest deleted and no money in the account.

Their explanation: “we understand your concern on this contest. However, it is better to remove the contest that will cause liabilities to users and to us even if the contest is guaranteed. We are protecting users from this kind of contest as it will create issues in the future.”

Are you kiding me?? And so they took our prize money and for what?? Avoid them!!! They are scam and they make the rules but they do not respect the rules nor the terms and their terms and conditions specify that guarantee prize means the money will go to the freelancers 100%!! And is bu. Ll. Sh. It!!

May 15, 2017

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