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Freelancer blocked my account for identification verification, upon contatcing them via resolution center, they advise me to contact my employer Lual to solve the problem,
I did contact lual and we reach an agreement i then inform freelancer about that via resolution center .
But they ask me to tell the employer to send them an emial or update the tickect to inform them that the probelm have been resolve,
upon informing the employer about that, he ask me to send an email to freelancer support and cc him to inform them that we have reach an agreement
i then went to freelancer resolution center to ask them if i could send and email and cc the employer they refuse they still insit that the emplyer himself should send them either an email or update the tickect .
I have inform the employer about that and he has been ignoring my email
I have a lot of project in progress and now i am unable to communicate with my client because of the fact that my account have been limited, that is really unfair, i want freelance to contact employer immedialty because i cant keep on waiting, i have project in progress with overdue deadline because of this .
Can freelancer do something urgently about this ?i cant wait until when the employer feel like sending the email this is unfair to me and my other client waiting for deliverable

Freelancer Resolution Center

Jan 19, 2015

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