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1 185 Court Lodge Road RH6 8RQHorley, England, Surrey, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 01293 825383

I received several mails recommending this company from what I thought were legitimate 'antiscam' sites, as I wanted to work from home. As I am hoping to make a career as a writer I thought I'd try them out. The ad I was directed to promised that 'anyone' could earn money straight away once they'd joined this site - even if they had never written before. The promise was hundreds of dollars just by writing for blogs and forums. I do this anyway, so thought I was on to a good thing getting paid for it. I duly gave my bank account details (foolish, I know) thinking I had nothing to lose by accepting their 7 day trial offer of just $2.95. NOTHING WAS SAID ABOUT THE FOLLOW UP PAYMENT OF $49.95 that would automatically be taken at a later date. As far as I was concerned, all I'd submitted my bank details for, was a short trial period - nothing more (I've since found this is a well used scam by internet fraudsters - in the UK it's illegal to take further monies for a product without notifying the customer first) I could only gain access to the 'small print' once I'd paid. The first thing that came up was a 'hard sell' lengthy ad for a business package I had no interest in, which was odd for a so-called publishing site, so I ignored it. Then I downloaded the videos. Straight away I realised this site did not offer work - it simply directed you to various internet publishing sites where you had to 'bid' against other writers for work. I thought this site was designed to help 'newbie' internet authors get published - they boast full customer backup and a help line - but I found none of this. There was no instruction given on how to place bids, or how much to charge, or tips on writing for the internet (as you'd expect from a site specifically targetting newcomers to the trade). What I got for my money was a repetitive series of videos - one for each of the 'publishers' on their books - telling me how to click on to the sites. I know how to do this - it's how I got scammed in the first place! It was patently obvious, as well, that in order to get published I'd have to part with more money - a lot more - since most of these 'publishers' demanded a joining-up fee before you could even submit bids, let alone start earning. On top of all this, FLHW then demand a commision! I attempted to place bids on a few of their 'latest' projects. At least one of three things happened:
1) The bidding was now closed.
2) It was still open, but so many bids had been placed already it was pointless me, as a 'newbie' even attempting to bid.
3) The bids already placed were of such paltry amounts it was a waste of time considering. I'm worth more than $5 per article! I noticed the real-life bids were of much lower denomination than the earnings promised in their advertising blurb and on the videos. Based on what I saw, there was no way I could ever get the 25 articles per day offered by the site, or earn the hundreds of dollars a day I'd been promised. Furthermore, ALL of the projects on offer demanded I provide examples of previously published work, via a portfolio. In other words this site was USELESS TO ANY NEW WRITER, EVEN THOUGH THAT IS EXACTLY THEIR TARGET CLIENTELE. I sent an email to their 'help team' asking how the hell I could write for them with this Catch 22 in place. Never got a reply though. So much for their customer service.
I am aware how hard it is for new writers to get published - I didn't need to pay a scam fee to find this out. After just two log-ins I went elsewhere to get the experience I needed, never logging on to this con site again. All they wre after, was getting me to sign over more of my money.
I thought this would be the end of it, even though I kept getting emails from so-called homeworker professionals, telling me they'd found EXACTLY the job that would suit me, and guiding me back to this site. But 14 weeks later, with no notification from FLHW and without my say so, the full fee of $49.95 was deducted from my account - a fee I had no recollection of agreeing to.
I swiftly sent an email, demanding this money back and reminding them I'd never even made full use of my 7 day trial, as my account history would show. So far, no reply.
I almost got caught out in the same way (a so-called 'no risks' trial period) by Home Worker - in fact, it was directly due to my dealings with FLHW that I jumped into this site, read the reviews, and promptly cancelled my bank account (the only way to stop these cowboys filching whatever they want whenever they want)
As far as I'm concerned, FreeLance Homewriters is no different to any other scam homeworker scheme out there. They rank right alongside paid surveys, data inputting and envelope stuffing schemes. You may like to read this report, on a legitimate forum run by, and on behalf of, professional freelance writers:

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  • Dw
      16th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes - Charles Wellmore

    I signed up for the 7 day trial at $2.95 and had a look at the product and after 4 days decided I did not want to go any further. I emailed them to let them know and did not hear anything back. After a feww days more they took $47.00USD from my credit card account. I have emailed them several times to get a refund but I do not hear anything back from them.

  • Ke
      31st of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Thankyou for publishing your complaint. I signed up for the 7 day trial with yesterday. I was concerned that they would try to bill me for something else. As soon as I saw your complaint I called and canceled my membership. I guess I dodged a bullet because of you, I'll be more leary in the future. Ken

  • So
      14th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    this company is an absolute rip off!!!
    i gave my card details to pay the 2.95 trial fee...there was no mention of any other additional fees.
    anyway...i decided not to use the i thought nothing lost really.
    a few weeks later while checking my online bank account it showed that free lance homewriters had taken out 47 dollars...just ove 30 quid from my account. i contacted the company...with endless e-mails never heard anything back. tried the phone number but it was a US number, didnt realsise
    now today, checking my online account, they had taken another 47 dollars!!!...i phoned my bank & had to make a dispute against the company...BEWARE...THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL RIP OFF, !!!

  • Ka
      15th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes


    Thank you for posting this informative complaint. This saves me lots of time and hassle since your reasons for considering this opportunity are similar to mine.

    Best wishes,

  • J
      20th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Foolishly I signed up for the 7-day trail. 2 days in a woman rang to "welcome' me & I told her I wanted to cancel. Her "pleasant manner" abruptly changed & she told me I'd have to ring myself. I continually tried the number (still trying!) to no avail & bombarding them with emails hasn't worked either.
    I tried to put a 'stop-payment' on my account but my bank told me when I clicked in my debit card details I gave them the authority & there was little they could do!
    I closed my account ($95 Aus later!) but the guy on the debit-card line said they might still keep charging me because I gave the authority! I don't know how this can be possible without an account but I'm VERY anxious!!

  • Ch
      26th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I don't know whether to have a good cry or stamp about in frustration on reading all these complaints...! For alas, I too have been caught in FLHW's horrid web.
    As a freelance writer very keen for work, I signed up for what looked like a cheap trial with this company - and like all of you, have now been charged $73.95 Australian dollars in October and November! I did initially receive some dodgy phone calls from this company and was rather rude to them, as I thought they were being ridiculously desperate and pushy (after all, a call from the US to Australia is not cheap!) Then the big charges started coming...and when I sent a sharp email to them, requesting a confirmation in writing of the cancellation of my membership, guess what? No reply!
    My bank is now disputing the charges and has placed a temporary block on my card. But it's all looking rather ugly and stressful, and it's the last thing I need as a struggling writer doing my best to succeed and find good work in this business.
    I have learnt with a vengeance how evil the internet can be and will be very, very careful about who I give my card details to from now on.
    The silver lining in all this though is that the block on my card is probably a good thing, as I probably can't 'afford' it anyway...!
    Good luck all of you in getting through this mean scam.

  • Al
      4th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I JUST signed up with them and decided to do a google search about them and found this... I'm not sure weather this is good or not.

  • Ge
      3rd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes - refund and cancelation
    United States

    I have called and emailed nurmerous times and having to cancel my debit card, to get rid of them, they never respond, I canceled the same day, and they took $47.00 out that day, and then in Dec 2008. They put you on hold, and keep telling you to please wait, and after awhile they tell you to leave a voice mail and never return your call. They never respond to your email. This company is a sham, it should not be online, someone needs to bump it out.

  • Be
      5th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes - unauthorized billing to my credit card
    United States

    Like everyone else, I agreed to a small charge to my credit card for the offered introductory information. I did not agree to a monthly service, a trial period, or anything of that nature. Now they are charging my credit card company fraudulently each month. They cannot be contacted, giving a fraudulent 800 number. Bad business!

  • Ky
      26th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have also signed up for this "" and they charged my card the $3 I was aware of, never was I told about the monthly charge until after signing up. What's more is that I have been trying to cancel for a long time now, and tehy never pick up the phone. I don't know what to do and I seriously need to prevent these guys from charging me in 7 days!

  • De
      4th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes - refund and cancelation
    United States

    jusy overall displeased with sitemapping and services available. would like my subscription cancled thank you.

  • St
      6th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There are a LOT of complaints about this company on [redacted]: removed/

    These are the guys who own the Freelance Home Workers site at
    1101 D Thorpe Lane Suite 430
    San Marcos, TX 78666

    DO NOT give them your email - they are spammers and you will get all sorts of junk! :(

    Also - they charge a membership fee to access their site. Any site offering freelance work or work at home writers jobs should not charge you to just access the site! Big red flag. If you want freelance writing work try etc etc - all free to join.

  • Mi
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've received the same treatment. Looking over their material, I found that most of the training videos did not work. All I saw was a blank screen. When I called within the directed time of Monday through Friday, 8AM to 11PM, there is only a machine telling me no one is available. I can't even leave a message. This one looks like a scam to me.

  • Ca
      31st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thank you so much! After doing a search on the I found your complaint. I truely appreciate your posting this warning with the necessary background information. You saved me a lot of grief!

  • Li
      19th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I signed on for the 7 days and so far have had a good experience and a lot of help. (6 days) Someone walked me through every different kind of article that needed to be written, showing the outline and some examples. But I wasn't sure about all the bidding stuff, I don't like to be aggressively competitive about what I write.

    I was told right upfront about the $47 per month for their membership, for the continued support and jobs for us to bid on. But when I found this site, thank you all...I also found a site with suggestions from a real (published writer) about some real sites. So, now I hope to be able to call and cancel. Thank you all, and good writing!

  • Ed
      9th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I paid $ 66.00 or more and NOTHING happened!!!
    For what I paid ????
    my email adress ;
    city; AKRON
    state; OH
    zip code; 44321

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