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Freelance Home / Disappointed

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I finally went ahead and joined Freelance Home Writers. It costs 2.95, but then they try to get you to buy several other products which cost much, much more. And, by the way, you will be billed over $49.00 each month, which is in the fine print somewhere.
Most of what they give you is several pages of encouragement ("yes, even you can do this!"), followed by an outline of your 7th grade English class (What is an introduction? What is a conclusion? etc.). After that you get a lesson or two on how to dumb down your writing to include key words, and how to use excessive superlatives to sell products online.
The most useless part was about how to get started becoming a freelance writer. The author shows you his resume as an experienced online author, and gives you examples of how several other experienced writers put together their resumes. They neglect to tell you exactly how to put together a resume if you are just getting started.
Finally, there are the freelance job listings. These seem to be real. One problem with this area is that you then have to join the organizations from whom Freelance has gotten these jobs if you want to find out more about the job or bid on it. Freelance recommends that you pay to become a "full" member of these organizations (as you can see, the cost to you is mounting very quickly). In addition, most of these jobs are no longer accepting bids. And, those that are have already been bid upon by a large number of writers who claim years and years of experience and many published articles, ebooks, and other material. How you, as a neophyte in the business, are supposed to get hired is left to your imagination.
Oh, I shouldn't leave out the testimonials. I admit that I was too bored to read all of them, but the ones that I did read were revealing. None of them had gotten started using this website! They had all gotten started the old-fashioned way, by luck or by knowing someone who hired them. I should also say that at least one of them included so many grammatical errors as to be laughable.
That reminds me! The online tutorial for this entire site is littered with typographical and grammatical errors! Some are so glaring that I burst out laughing at myself for getting suckered into this!
So, if you are in desperate need of a good laugh, go ahead and join Otherwise, you may want to think twice.

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  • Ju
      15th of Jul, 2008
    Freelance Home - no access to product purchased
    United States
    Phone: 01946 913286

    Paid the requested 2.95 to enrol - tried to login on the members site several times. The site refused to recognise my name or password.
    Must be a total scam

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  • Je
      28th of Jul, 2008

    The samething happened to me too. They took the 2.95 out of my account and then the site didn't except my username or passwork. I tryed to get the problem resolved but with no luck. THEN to my surprise, the stupid idiots sent me another offer to join. When I blogged with them and told them my problem, they of course couldn't help me. But, gave me a number to call and told me that I could get my money back. So, for those of you that spent money and got nowhere heres the number.

    FreeLance HomeWrites to get money back call: 1-800-0750-7600
    select option #3.

    Good Luck!!!

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  • Yo
      29th of Jul, 2008

    My foolish ones!!! Read that dusty book on your bookshelf - THE BIBLE- in Matthew chapter 24 and in Luke 21 Jesus (actually His real name is Yeshua) Yeshua says that in the last days - DO NOT BE DECEIVED - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    google everything you see and look for these ### on websites like these before you cough up any money at all.
    From a friend that really loves you!!!

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  • Lo
      1st of Sep, 2008

    I also paid the $2.95 and could not log on. They resent the user password and it still didn't work. Now I see I have an additional charge on my CC for $47.00, so I don't know what is really going on. I will try to contact them again. I do intend to pursue this. Loi

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  • Ge
      20th of Sep, 2008
    freelance home - No Response
    freelance home
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-750-7660

    I paid, with a credit card $2.95 to join this freelancing program where I could actually write from my home. I tried to log into their website after reading introductions, etc., but was rebuffed. This sit is a total SCAM! Geez, I can't believe that I fell for this crappola!!!
    Geri Reich

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  • De
      7th of Nov, 2008

    Thank you for this complaint. I almost signed up and those bid to write sites usually don't garner much success at all for beginners.

    I AM a writer and couldn't break ground and it cost me a LOT of money over the long haul. Thanks again!

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  • Ra
      12th of Nov, 2008

    thanks mate...i really think about ur opinion...probably look like scam...thnks once again

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