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1 26240 Jackson Ave., Murrieta, CA, United States
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Avoid Freedom RV Rentals unless you want to put your vacation plans in jeopardy at the last minute. They have no respect for your time or vacation plans and will break their promises at the last minute leaving you without an RV. On a busy rental weekend, like Thanksgiving, you may not be able to find another rental and you will be out of luck.

We have been planning a family Thanksgiving RV meeting in the Temecula CA area for several months. We decided to rent an RV from a local outlet of Freedom RV in Murrieta CA and rented a campsite at a local RV park. We contacted Freedom on November 11 and they agreed to rent us an RV and accepted our payment via a Visa card. We agreed that the vehicle would be picked up the day before Thanksgiving by a family member.

Four days before the agreed upon pickup date, we were informed that the office manager, Sandra Garcia, had decided that she would like to conduct a personal appearance interview with us to determine if she would release the vehicle to us as promised. Since I live 150 miles from their location, I declined her offer and instead offered to have her come to my location for her personal interview. Of course, that didn't happen.

It appeared to me that this is one of those situations where the office help has hijacked the business and made it as cozy and comfortable as possible for themselves at the expense of the owner and his customers. So I asked to speak to the owner, Mr. Eric Kitley, to voice my complaint and provide him with an insight of what his employees are doing to his business. I was told that Mr. Kitley is not available on the weekends (how did I guess that). After advising the secretary that I would be filing a complaint on the Internet, Mr. Kitley called and, as a courtesy, I tried to explain to him how his business is being conducted by his employees. Unfortunately, Mr. Kitley took the attitude that he would stand by his employees...too bad for him but it's his business and his money.

Wish me luck finding another rental with four days remaining before Thanksgiving.


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