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As a client of FDR I would like to share some very important information. I have been satisfied with their handling of my accounts but still feel they can do a better job of communication. The following is information that you all need to know before going with a debt relief company. The write off amount of each creditor will be sent to you in a 1099C in the year you paid the debt off and you must include them as income on your taxes. I was responsible for an ADDITIONAL $35, OOO ON MY TAXES IN 2013. My social security check was also affected and decreased because the write off amount increased my income. I lost money. My house insurance was increased by $150.00 because my credit report has two of my accounts in collection. They were settled in 2014 and will be closed in August 2015. I recommend that you be very careful before using debt relief and attempt to settle claims yourself. The debt relief forgot to tell me Chase bank does not ever settle with a debt relief company. I could have settled with them at a 50% reduction but did not know and kept referring and sending the offers to FDR. Thus Chase wrote off all the accounts. I really did not save any money using a debt relief company. I hope this gives others information to help make a informed decision.

Feb 08, 2015

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