Free Grocery Center or Claim Your Groceries / Did not deliver grocery vouchers

1 CA, United States

We bought a set of bedroom furniture from Linders furniture. To convince us to buy, they offered us $500 worth of "free groceries." They gave us the registration/grocery voucher information, which of course says that Linders has no connection with the company offering the promotion.

We registered and selected Ralphs as the store for which we'd like to receive the $25 monthly vouchers. We then faithfully sent in our paperwork and $100 worth of grocery receipts that were required to receive the $25 grocery vouchers. After 5 or 6 months of doing this, and NEVER receiving a $25/voucher, we our envelope was returned one month. We were mailing the information to:, 1839 S. Alma School Road, Suite 200, Mesa, AZ 85210.

This experience has been very frustrating as the regular monetary relief on the grocery bill was the ultimate factor in the furniture purchase.


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