Free Gas Card / Scam to cheat/steal $5 initial deposit

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Distributed those $250 (or other values) "Free Gas" vouchers of fancy card stock paper through marketing seminars and maybe other channels. Ask for the initial $5 "refundable deposit" to cover the initial processing cost. Explain to you that the free gas cards are the redemption from the gasoline companies from their marketing budgets for your loyalty of using their products to make it sound very reasonable. Sent you an email confirmation after your $5 payment with detail instructions and contact address even a toll free phone number [protected] making it appears as a legitimate business. It even sends you confirmation each time you mail them the gas receipts meeting the requirments in their instructions. The first couple of months when you call them at their toll free number they even have someone answering the call apppologizing and asking your to be patient to wait a little bit longer. But now they stop even answering the call nor returning your message. I have sent three groups of receipts meeting their requirments and waited for 4 months and still haven't received any free gas card no reply how to get my $5 deposit back. This can be conclude as a scam to cheat/steal your initial $5 "deposit" and think that you are not going to bother to chase after them for that small amount of money. Remember that they distribute the vouchers diliberately to other far away side of the country. And just counted the several hundred people attending one seminar alone they have cheated/stolen 5x$500 = $2500 initial deposit, not to mention thousand of similar seminars or other distribution channals and that they may really get huge rewards from the gasoline companies by selling our names. Be aware!

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  • Ca
      13th of Feb, 2009
    Free Gas Card - never received cards I earned
    United States

    I paid my $5.00 and filled out receipts each month from Shell gas and received confermation by email but no gas cards received. SCAM

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  • Ma
      20th of Mar, 2009

    Me too, I am getting ripped off too, Mainly from "General Warranty Services (GWS)" and their
    extended auto warranty program. Which had Hall of Fame singer, Chubby Checker, doing commercials for them. Anyways, , , GWS ...gets potentials customers to "Buy Into their Insurance"
    by offering $500.00 GAS Certificate reward...back to the customer. Then Upon signing the agreement, and billing your Credit Card of $300.00., then they tell you YOU need to sign up
    with <> for $4.00 ...Sounds Simple right? Just wait
    now you need to mail in $100 worth of Gas Receipts in order to claim a $25.00 GAS Certificate
    card... So, You do that for 3 months ..."and still no card(s) has been received...", ALL Along while
    youre STILL paying Monthly $133.00 on your Extended GWS Auto Warranty program.

    So, if the GAS Redemption Program is "Bogus", , , , , than Common Logic tells me that "GWS Extended Warranty" is BOGUS too! So, If I go to my VW DEALER to have the TIming Chain fixed, ...then Most likely...My GWS ..extended warranty..will FIND Some way to Refuse Payout
    on the Auto Service...Eventhough ...I have been Paying each months for last 4 months...!

    Ha Ha ...I most likely got ripped off... Since, its very doubtfull that GWS is "Legit" if they are
    "in-cahoots" with "FreeGasCentral / Gasoline Redemption"...Losers hang out with Losers...Right! *So all of you...just got ripped off ...if you did what I just described..& which
    is what is Did"... <>

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  • Li
      1st of Apr, 2011
    Free Gas Card - $100 gas card
    United States

    I called for assistance. They claimed they would mail it to me in 6 to 10 business days. I will let you know if that happens.

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