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1 NJ, United States

I'm not much of a writer but heres how my experience with Sundance Vacations went.
I was in a Chinese Resteraunt in my neighborhood and had entered my name in a contest for a chance to win a car/cruise/dont exactly remember. Couple months later, i get a call from a woman stating that i won 2 tickets for a free cruise! I was very sceptical at first. I asked a lot of questions but everything seemed legit! All that i had to do was drive down to Princeton (pain in the ###), listen to a sales pitch and then collect the voucher.
My mom, a triple A travel agent, came with me to their office in Princeton. A salesmen sat with us at a round table, explained the company and what they do. They provide a way to save lots of money on vacations by buying them in bulk. But then again, who, in this day and age, has $25, 000 to put down on vacations for the next 10-15 years???
After hearing offer after offer, we turn down the salesmen for the 6th time!
A second salesmen sits with us. This one, much more pushy.
Caught a couple attitudes and negative hostility, but who cared at that point? I was still promised a free 3-day cruise!
After shutting down the second salesmen's offers.. we are free and handed the voucher.

The back of the voucher had all the information i needed. And i promise you, if i was able to read it before i drove to the appt in Princeton, i wouldn't have WASTED MY TIME because EVERY STIPULATION on the back of that paper, they failed to tell us.

You have 30 days to pick your cruise. You must leave a deposit of $100 per person in that 30 days, plus another 100$ for BS reasons.

They failed to tell me both persons must be 21 years or older, otherwise, one must be atleast 25! I'm 20! Like WTF.

And the room they provide you with? More like a box! The tiniest cabins in the low levels of the ship. Pay another 200$ and my mom can book you a decent sized room w/ a balcony!

I wish i can remember all the other BS that crushed my excitement. But you basically need to jump through hoops of fire to get your "free cruise" and its not worth it. at all. Save your time and gas!

"Sundance Vacations, I want my three hours back!"


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