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Fredrick Hanna & Associates / Credit Collection

1 KS, United States

I'm currently deployed to the Middle East in the Military. My wife recieved a phone call from Hanna & Associates and from what I'm being told were completely rude and unprofessional with my wife. My wife and I have perfect credit and have never had a negative mark on our accounts. Apparently, since I've left to go overseas there has been a misunderstanding about an account. I guess there was a$100.00 charge on a card that has not been payed and has now been turned over to Fredrick Hanna & Associates. With late fee's apparently we owe $240.00

This is not a big deal to us. Borderline chump change. We never got contacted by Chase Credit cards saying we were over due at all. It seems like this is just on big misunderstanding. A credit card that we thought was paid off that wasn't and we didn't get any suggestions from Chase that it was overdue.

My wife says that Fredrick Hanna & Associates told her that I probably had a personal credit card that I was hiding from her and further questioned my character about being an honest husband. The threatened court and going after other means of collection. Why does Chase even do business with a company such as Fredrick Hanna & Associates. I'm furious... I'm not sure what to do but hopefully I can get this taken care of without getting taken advantage of.

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