Fredericks of HollywoodAwful company


I bought a pair of Gladiator sandals WITH A 4" HEEL froM FOH back in Jan of 2009. It's not like I rushed to wear them so they sat in my closet for 5 months before I wore them in my home for all of 15 minutes. Three weeks later I put them on again and I noticed that one heel was wobbling and thought it was in the heel from being to skinny so I took them off looked at it and didn't see anthing. Within about 20 minutes the entire heel came apart from the rest of the shoe. I called FOH and they told me, "tough luck, you only have 3 months to do a return, period, no exceptions!!!."

I am furious, not only because the shoes actually have an assembly flaw, according to the shoe reapt guy, but also because FOH sent me a whole size too big. Boy do they look ugly on me!!! I had to spend $18 to get the one shoe fixed and I had hoped FOH would then send me a replacement with reinforced assembly made with screws, NOT staples. It's only a matter of time beforei have to spend another $18 for the other shoe so I had hoped FOH would then take them back and send me the correct size, as well or return my money!!! They refuse to either!!!

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