Frederick J. Hanna & Assoc. / Horrible Collectors and Owner

1 GA, US

My dealings with Mr. Hanna was a living nightmare. I would get calls day and night then they would threaten with lawsuits if I didn't do a payment plan. They wouldn't accept anything less than $150.00 a month and would call my work then tell whoever answered the phone why they were calling. I would tell them not to call me at work but they did anyways and I would get letters in the mail at my work and home. I could not make them stop. They have two attorneys from MannBracken working for them now as well as several debt collectors from Mann Bracken. Mr. Hanna's operation is on the same scale as MannBracken is with the same kind of the ethics take your money and run don't care who you hurt in the process.
I had to obtain an attorney to be able to settle my debt with out paying trible of what it was to start with because I had come into some hard times and nobody was willing to work with.
Mr. Hanna has had quite a few lawsuits against him as well civl in federal court and even GA Consumer's Affair filed suit for samething that they had filed against MannBracken.
So always dispute their suits and make them provide burden of proof from original creditor of what you owe and don't owe.
Mr. Hanna & Associates are liers and cheats!!!


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