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Frederick J Hanna and Associates / debiting monies from my checking account

1 1427 Rosewell RoadRoswell, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 770-916-9220

This firm has debited a total of 500.00 from my checking account. I did reluctantly agree to allow a ach debit on my checking account in order to start a settlement on a Bank Of America Credit card account. This firm told me they would take 100.00 out on Feb 9, 2009 the monies were not debited until the 17th. They then sent me a letter they would debit my checking account 400.00 on the 27th of Feb. After doing research and realizing I had made a big mistake I tried to get my bank to stop all payments. My bank said they could not stop payments on a ach debit the request to stop has to come from the company. All this took place on March 2, 2009 at this time this firm had not as yet debited my checking account as they had agree to do on the 27th of Feb. I then tried to close out my account and attempted to reopen a new account. On March 3 I received notice that this firm had debited 400.00 out of my checking account this left me with not only a negative balance but overdrafts on other purchases that had taken place prior to the 27th. I now have two bank accts. one is showing overdrawn. What can I do to get my money back and get this ach debit stopped it seems like Frederick J Hanna is going in and taking money when they feel like it.

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  • Jp
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    Is Frederick J. Hanna & Associates scam?
    i currently owe $609.06 on ochard bank credit card. i had stopped paying the card for awhile due to lack of money. now it has been charged of to a debt collector, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates. they had contacted me.. i tried to settle by making payments. the guy i talked to, his name was martin. he was rude and wanted all of it up front. what should i do?

  • Sp
      5th of Mar, 2011
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    I have an account that was put into collections with them that was signed by my ex-wife while I was in Iraq. They said I owe on court costs and lawyers fees and it acrues a daily interest as well. But will send me no paperwork or validate the debt. All they keep saying is I have to pay it or it keeps collection the interest on the account. From what I can find from the origional creditor it was for 10K FJH says I owe them 14K. Even on my credit it shows I only owe about 9000.00 on the account

  • We
      31st of Mar, 2011
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    This Law firm is a total sham! They actually garnished my Social Security Disability benefits for a debt I owed to Capital One Bank from the late 90's. I thought the account was closed all the while they were charging interest plus attorney's fees! These charges total more than the balance on the credit card! I have been making payments to them for 3 years now of $50 a month. A copy of my credit report from a few days ago leaves me stuck with a Judgment in the amount of $850.00 that will not fall off until 2015!!! I am furious and will not pay Hanna another dime!

  • Ro
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    They are not allowed to touch any benefits you get. Find a lawyer on line - google 'rights of debt collectors' and you'll find several - and sue the pants off them, let alone the bank that permitted such a thing.

    You all need to do research on what the laws are governing debt collectors before you do any deals with them whatsoever.

    I've put them on written cease and desist notice.

  • Ms
      19th of May, 2011
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    Hello Ms I Hate Bill COllectors, you are truly misinformed and no i do not work for FJH, I WAS A BILL COLLECTOR FOR MANY YEARS! BY LAW YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SEND A LETTER ONCE YOUR COMPANY RECeiVES THE DEBT, you just can not put the company name on it! If a company has your telephone number or work number and you owe a debt a bill collector can call you. However they can not harass you by calling back to back! If a debtor says not to call their job a bill collector should remove that number! If a debtor says do not call them at home the fdcpa ( federal debt collection practice act) law states that it must be in writing! However a good bill collector and a good company would remove the number and not call the debtor.

    If the calls stop it does not mean the debts goes away, you can still be contacted via mail. Once the creditor sees the company is not collecting on the debt they just take it to another debt collection agency or a law firm and the calls start all over again. Bill collectors have all kinds of tools to find a debtor.

    The FDCPA laws were put in place to protect the debtor from being harassed not called! If a collection agency was not allowed to call a debtor than call centers would not exist and credit card companies, banks ect. would be sued left and right, however that is not the case!

    Creditors can pursue you for twenty years, however a debt can stay on your credit report for 7 years! Also if you have a problem with a debt collection company it would behoove you not to contact the FTC they are the watch dogs for debt collection agencies! Be very careful of
    who you take advice from. Many of you are clueless as to what the correct laws and procedures are. Google FDCPA LAWS! THERE ARE MANY, ie...the mini miranda (if it is illegal to call debtors there would be no mini miranda law) thats when a bill collector by law must make sure they are speaking with the debtor and verify name, ssn, address ect. ect.

    There are laws for taking checks over the phone, speaking to lawyers, calling before 8am and after 9pm. In some states it is illegal to talk to a spouse, it is called third party disclosure. Debtors have a great deal of rights when corresponding with a bill collector. Forwarned is forarmed! Most bill collectors are vicious so i would know my rights when dealing with them. Having a tape recorder isn't a bad idea either.

    Also almost 100% of debts you can negotiate down in many cases paying 50cents on a dollar (always best to sif /settle in full) debts at the end of the month, i mean the very end collection agencies are in close out and trying to reach a company and indivisual quota (also keep their job)!

    FYI: Hanna has never lost a case in court, true they are the worst when it comes to how they treat people however they are very strict on their employees, and monitor them very harshly and often. They actually have a staff of people that only record and monitor bill collectors all day!!!

    Well good luck folks!


  • De
      19th of Mar, 2013
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    I don't see why you can't sue them in magistrate court or the small claims court of your jurisdiction. document everything even reconstruct from memory phone calls, etc. If you had an agreement even oral and they did not keep with it they breached it. Get your documentation together. Compose an affidavit and get it notarized. Make a copy of the backup paperwork and file the copy of the backup paperwork and the original affidavit with the complaint. The fact that they took any money at all is proof that there was a contract. It will cost some money initially but you may get that back. The real goal here is to teach them a lesson. If everybody does this there is no way they can be in court for all of it with all the sleazy stuff they do. If Hanna sues you, file an answer, and wait for your court date. Don't settle with them.
    They can't possibly be in court with all the cases they file with the few attorneys they actually have. If they take a matter to a court, let them deal with it in court. Win lose or draw you can appeal a judge's decision, but not a settlement that you make with the crooks. We have not heard the last of the worst of Hanna yet.

  • Lw
      15th of Jun, 2014
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    I did not find out about a garnishment on my wages until the day I got paid. I got my company representative to email me a copy of the notice. It was filed in Fulton County, notorized in Paulding County and the Judgement was issued in Cobb County. They "mailed" or tried to "serve" this notice to an address in which I never lived. This is for a credit card that I have not had in 15 years and is no longer on my credit report. They did the same thing to a checking account that I had last year. They know where you work and where you bank. You would think they have your correct address. I went to their "law" office, waited for 45 minutes and finally got to speak with a non attorney representative. I was told if I paid half and set up payments, then they would stop the garnishment. Hana does not want to work with the consumer. Their tactics are unethical and I am truly saddened after reading everyone's complaints. Does anyone know the statute of limitations on collections for such accounts? As well as, paying continued interest on a credit card that has been closed for 15 years?

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