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Fred Phelps / Fred Phelps molested me

1 KS, United States
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Fred Phelps is a homosexual, but that Fred Phelps is a homosexual is not the problem. The problem of Fred Phelps is that in addition to the misery he has caused, Fred Phelps is a child molester. Fred Phelps molested me in the 1970s in Westboro in Topeka, Kansas. I used to play T-ball and baseball in Westboro Park when the weather was nice and in the creek when it would rain. I attended Most Pure Heart of Mary and most of my friends attended either there or Whitson Elementary. One could not, however, live in Westboro without occasionally encountering one of the Phelps children, usually on their bikes. Some of the Phelps were very hostile. It seemed that about any exchange with the hostile Phelps led them to cite heinous bible verses at you, saying you would meet the wrath of God. It was quite an alarming sight. One of the Phelps I would call my acquaintance. He shall remain nameless. He was nice and different from his siblings, even more so when they were not around. I was riding bikes in Westboro Park when I came across said Phelps. He said that his mother had just made refreshments. We went to his house. I was showing him some Judo moves in his living room. His father, Fred Phelps, came into the room and began wrestling with us. He wrestled me to the ground and while he had me pinned, he began rubbing my male parts. I was only 9 years old, and I had just met this man! It was needless to say very awkward and very disturbing. I will never forget Fred Phelps’ foul breath and his giddy laughter. I got free and I will never forget that I left my favorite jacket and my bike lock at the Phelps’ house. I never asked for these items from said Phelps and would no more than exchange glances with him from that day forward. Like many others have suspected, Fred Phelps is homosexual. Nothing is wrong with being a homosexual. Everyone should know, as well, that Fred Phelps is a child molester. He is also a perjurer and US villain. Dealing with this man in a battle over this act of molestation would be worse than dealing with my own memory of it. Before the new ability that the internet has made possible to post a complaint anonymously, it was simply not possible to make this information publicly available without an unreasonable battle. Fred Phelps may know who I am if his memory of his giddy, wonton acts is good. But, if Fred Phelps wants to battle and does battle, then he is admitting guilt, since this was anonymous. I figure that that reduces the chances, although they may not be reduced to zero since Fred Phelps has been described by his own family members as being mentally ill. I was 9 years old at the time of the violation. I am placing my trust in society and the law to protect me from this accident of a human.

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