fraud company higher one / Higher One

Several weeks ago my federal taxes were offset by the Department of Education. When I contacted them they advised me that I owed for not completing classes at a community college back in 2011. Not only did I NEVER enroll into the college but i also never gave HigherOne or their security partners, CIP (who claim to require 4 forms of identification per the USA Patriot Act) authorization to open an account under my social security number. Department of Education States as far as they are concerned, I should dispute my issue with HigherOne. I contacted them, got the run around, finally convinced them to mail me an I D theft packet. I completed the documents, filed a police report, placed fraud alerts with all credit reporting agencies and sent in an notorized affidavit. I receive an email back requesting a darker image of my government identification. I mailed it back certified mail. When I called back requesting a time frame I get vague responses..such as "we don't know how long it will be to investigate", we cannot confirm who you are..what is it your asking us to do, really?

I want reimbursement for the full amount of the federal Pell Grant that was deposited from the school onto the Higher one card. Because in result of this fraud, I'm out my tax return, Dept of Education doesn't seem to care at all that fraud has occurred, and someone should have some liability here, right???

Apr 02, 2016

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