Fraser Police Department / Fraser police are liars it's all about money

1 38272 fairway ct, Clinton Township, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 5862759101

Fraser police all all liars and only want money from the public for there bogus traffic tickets violation. i was driving the speed limit. i was pulled over 7 blocks out of there city jurisdiction and given 19 seconds to show my license and registration along with proof of insurance, like a trusting fool i gave the cop my drivers license as looked for the other paper work which i showed the officer when he returned to my car with the speeding ticket and no proof of insurance and no registration. then the cops lies to me and tells me "just take your paper work into the station within 20 days and they will remove that violation. LIAR again the cops wanted $25.00 to remove that violation. I have a so called preliminary hearing scheduled end of this month and i plan on fighting this bogus ticket until death, i hate liars esp cops who lie, Fraser Mi. Is a little 2 square mile city hungry and desperate for money

May 31, 2015

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