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Frank's Engineering Clinic / Unnecessary Auto Repairs

1 1245 University AvenueBerkeley, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (510) 845-3202

March 3, 2009

Mary Maggieline Moore
1710 Myrtle Street
Oakland, California [protected]
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Bureau of Automotive Repairs
10240 Systems Pkwy
Sacramento, California [protected]

Frank’s Engineering Clinic
1245 University Avenue
Berkeley, California [protected]
[protected]) 845-3202

Dear Department of Consumer Affairs:

I want to inform you of my dissatisfaction with Frank’s Engineering Clinic regarding the repairs performed on my 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager SV. My first visit to Frank’s Engineering Clinic was on June 21, 2006 my van was towed to his shop, he told me I needed to have a new battery, hood cable, engine tune up with 6 sparkplugs, (1-set), cable set, filter, 1 set of pads, 2-rear wheel cylinder 1-set rear shoe, and engine tees; I was charged $1, 330.00.

July 7, 2007 I made the last payment on my van the total paid was $1, 330.00.

July 14, 2006 my van was towed in again because smoke was from under the hood and inside, he said I needed to have my transmission and engine replaced, he charged me for sparkplugs, cooling, and ATF Oil, and I was charged $2, 665.00.

March 21, 2008 I took my van to Frank’s Engineering Clinic because it kept jerking and turning off, and the display says check gages.

August 14, 2008 I was supposed to pick up my van, but Frank called me and said I could not pick up my van, because the Computer Control Tranny is not working properly. The van has a problem with the computer code he explained to me two weeks ago of the engine light problem. The dealer is trying to get the computer code but it is not the same engine trouble code, this is why they still have an engine code problem, he has a representative from Hill Top Mall coming to look at the compute box. I called Hill Top Mall [protected]September 2, 2008 to inquired about my van and spoke with William of Michael Steads Hilltop Chrysler Plymouth Dodge. He called Frank and told him he would have the computer sent to him by Wednesday. Frank called me at 2:05pm September 2, 2008 to inform me that I should have my van by the weekend; they will wash it and clean it for me. When I did pick it up it had not been washed or cleaned, and all of my gas was gone in it, I understand they have to test drive the vehicles, but I had a full tank of gas in it when I left it in their care, and my gas needle was on empty when I picked it up. I had to pray all the way home until I was able to get some money to put gas in my vehicle.

August 21, 2008 my van was not functioning well it jerks when driving and the ignition kept turning off, and I put it in reverse sometimes it would not go into reverse. There was no charge for this visit.

October 31, 2008 my van was towed in again because of an electrical fire, my back windshield wipers were not working so I asked Frank to see what was wrong and he stated that all I needed was a fuse so they put one in, soon after the fuse was replaced my back windshield wipers stopped working and I smelled and saw smoke as I was driving my grandchildren home. Now, Frank is saying that there was an electrical burn by the fuse box. This was caused by Frank’s Engineering Clinic, because I did not have this problem until they replace the fuse, now he wants to charge me $340.00 for electrical harness, and the rear wiper motor assembly he wants to charge me for this separately, which I feel that this is unfair because when I asked him to repair my back windshield wipers they put the fuse in and this was the cause of the electrical fire in the first place, so far I have paid him $100.00 of the $340.00. I have spent a total of $4095.00

January 16, 2009 My Van would not go into reverse, I called Frank’s Engineering Clinic and spoke to an employee, he told me Frank was at lunch. I called again a few days later his wife told me Frank was at a doctor’s appointment and that she would page him. Finally, January 21, 2009 I spoke to Frank and he told me that his tow truck was in another city and that he would come and tow my van to his shop. The driver never came up and I did not receive a telephone call to let me know he would not be coming. Finally January 22, 2009 the tow truck company K&K Auto came to pick up my van and take it to Frank’s Engineering Clinic.

February 2, 2009 I called Frank at 11:21 am and spoke to an employee, he said Frank was out test driving a vehicle, he said he would tell Frank I called. I have not heard from Frank’s Engineering Clinic so I called him to find out what is wrong with my van at 12:46 pm. I was told to hold on while his employee took another call. He told me Frank would call me back.

February 9, 2009 3:06 pm I called to speak to Frank because the transmission seems to go out every two months, I was told by Frank, the computer is not working, he will talk to Hilltop Mall Service Department to find out what is wrong with my van, so he will send his towing company to tow my van from my home to his shop to find out what is wrong with it should take about 3 days.

February 14, 2009 I called Frank’s Engineering Clinic to see if my Van was ready to be picked up; Wayne said he would give Frank my name and telephone number once he has completed a conference with a customer. Frank never called me back.

March 9, 2009 Frank said that my van would be ready, it was not.

March 10, 2009 I called to speak to Frank, I was told that he was out test driving a car; I never received a telephone call back.

I have a feeling that someone is tampering with my vehicle because there is always something wrong with my vehicle, I did not have all of these problems until Frank’s Engineering Clinic started working on me vehicle. I do not drive my van very often so I know that I have not worn out my vehicle. I have had leaks under my van and I know for a fact that I that I take my vehicle every 3 months for and oil change, I have asked Frank to check it to see if there is a screw loose, with no response. I do not understand why Frank’s Engineering Clinic does not do a diagnostic check to see exactly what is wrong with my van; I have paid unnecessary money on repairs that could have been diagnosed. Frank told me that the computer is not part of the transmission, but I did some research and found out the computer is part of the transmission. I did not need to pay for those transmissions since it was the computer that was malfunctioning, I would like to have my money reimbursed to me. I have heard from other customers who were dissatisfied with the work on their vehicles. He could have offered me use of a rental car until he repaired my vehicle, but he did not.

I have enclosed documentation for your review; I have not received the last invoice for February 21, 2009.

Mary M. Moore

cc:Frank's Engineering Clinic

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